A very talented young woman often described as one of the best new artists of this century, prepares to release her so awaited new album: Ride. That’s how Ladi Anne, a Brazilian musician, producer and audio-visual creator showed the world what she’s here for. Through a long and dedicated ride on the path for success, Ladi who started her international career at the age of 16 shining on television and radio worldwide, now at 21 continues to conquer us with a shower of passion and hope in her latest project RIDE – calling attention for reaching global success even before its full release.

The first single of the upcoming album, “Villas”, is already a catch ranking #47 at Most Viral Videos on the Youtube charts, only 3 days after its release.


Economist Vinicius Fidelis, CEO of criar.me, states that if the album’s full release follows a similar route of that of “Villas”, RIDE will generate minimum of 1.5 million dollars on its first month only from the Itunes Store in the United States. “It’s difficult to talk about other stores in the globe because the first single, “Villas”, is being marketed mainly in the U.S and that’s why we could examine numbers and predict sales for that particular iTunes store. But 99% of times what becomes success in the United States quickly merges to the rest of the globe”, said Vinicius Fidelis during a press collective at the Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo, regarding Ladi’s new album.

Watch bellow “Villas”: