The original auto trader software, AutoTrader was launched way back in 2014. Much has changed since then, and Michael Freeman, the mind behind the original auto trader has become one of the industry’s leading figure involved in many trading software projects working on the binary trading options.

In the past two years, there have been loads of binary trading options software which have been launched, and while most of them have been found to be scams, the Auto Trader and it’s successor, the Neo2 Software, pronounced as Neo Squared have carved a niche place for themselves in the trading market. Neo2 has been designed by some of the world’s leading software developers coupled with the best minds for the development of the algorithm behind the trading app.

Dr. Jack Piers, the CEO and the main brain behind Neo2 auto trading app has a unique story to tell about the journey which began two years ago and ended up with the successful launch of the Neo2. The auto trader app has been in beta testing mode for the past year and so and has undergone rigorous testing under all possible scenarios in the trading environment.

The concept and the thinking that went behind Neo2 is something that is quite unique and innovative and unheard of in the trading industry which, surprisingly, involves the effects of weather and natural environment on the economy and trading factors.

Neo2 is an automatic trading software which can predict the trends based on analysing inputs from solar and other environmental factors and merging these results with the latest binary options trading algorithms.

The president and the leading programmer of neo2 software, believes that the goal and the primary objective while designing the software was to develop a user friendly software which can be used with utmost ease by any and everyone, including the first time novice users.

The apps and plugins which directly link the weather predicting satellites into the auto trading algorithms adds to the overall quality of the app.


The software has also added the unique feature of auto trading mode called the autopilot which lets the user sit back while the app trades stocks, equities and assets and ensures you get the highest returns with the minimum efforts on your part.

The rationale behind including effects of weather on the trading algorithm is in its true sense, quite a genius of an idea. Weather effects the economy. If you can predict the weather, you can potentially predict changes in the economy before they happen. Amit Gupta was responsible for hooking together both technologies in one super trading machine, possibly the most amazing binary options app that we’ve come across while reviewing tons of auto trading binary options software.

There are tons of binary trading options websites crawling up from each and every corner of the internet, mainly due its popularity. However, one look at their website is enough whether the service is a scam or genuine. Most of them use Fiverr actors to record and post bogus reviews of apps and how they made thousands of dollars in a single day due to the particular service.