Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems in the underdeveloped and developing countries. But apart from humans, pets are even trafficked. A number of us lose our beloved Jackie, Tommy, jerry and Sam into the hands of outlawed pet pickers.

The widely spread market of pets is mainly comprised of dogs and cats. There a respective kind of dogs and cats which are highly required. Like the Persian, Prussian, Siamese cats and Alsatian, German shepherd, Doberman, and Labrador dogs are the favorite kinds. It is obvious that these kind aren’t always available in the market. That’s why they are taken away by the thieves.

To get rid of such problems and to save you beloved pet, we have researched some pet tracking devices. The 15 best among them are listed here:

1. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker:
We will begin with the world’s famous pet tracking device. It is GPS cum smartphone app to track, monitor the motion and remotely stay with your pet. Tractive offers the same GPS panel which is to be worn by your pet, and then comes the smartphone app which will keep you updated with every moment of your pet.

2. GoPro Dog Harness:
It’s yet another way to stay updated about the movements of your pet dog. The GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness) is the set of two cameras that can be tied to the dogs. One is tied at the back for the overhead view and the second is tied over the chest. This records everything that your dogs do. And these are firm binders, it is pretty hard to remove the cameras without their kits. GoPro is supported over the smartphones using GoPro Mobile App for iOS and Android.

3. Paw Tracker:
The Paw Tracker is a GPS and Cellular network locator. It uses the combination of both the techs to help you track your pet. And not just the tracking ability, it even has a good support. The service is presently available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

4. Whistle:
The Whistle is the GPS pet locator. The tracker is offered in the shape of the smartphone app. The device is simply a tracker, but the app is fabulous. It not just tells you about your pet but even alerts you about the weather. The app offers the features like Location alerts, GPS Tracking, Custom whistle zones, while the later one is a client oriented location specifier.

5. Garmin Astro 320:
Garmin Pet Tracking Kit (Astro 320) is one of the most expensive tracking tool available. The kit contains the tracking device called Astro 320 and the T5 GPS clutch. The Astro 320 works as the monitor to show the location of the pet, while the clutch is worn by the pet. Garmin Astro 320 is one of the highly responsive sensors every made for pet tracking.

6. G-Paws 2 Pet Tracker:
The Amazon introduced us to another handy tracker. This the G-Paws 2 Pet Tracker, fetched directly from the Amazon Black Friday. It is the standard tracker with a GPS tracking device with a smartphone app. It works excellent.

7. Gibi Pet Locator:
The Gibi Pet Locator is a multiple support tracker. They provide the standard tough GPS collar for the cats and dogs, but the accessibility to that device is possible to any device having an internet connection. It is a cloud VPN connector with browser login support.

8. Loc8tor Pet GPS for Cats:
The Loc8tor Pet GPS for Cats is a lightweight tracker, based on the Radio technology instead of GPS pinpointing medium. It is based on the combination of obsolete and present day radio technologies. It can transmit signals of 2.45 GHz band. The device is a small piece of tracker which could be attached to the collar of the cats.

9. SmartLife DMDG Mini Waterproof IPX6:
The SmartLife Pet tracker is the GPS cum GSM pet tracking device. As sponsored by the Amazon, the device carries a minimal price range. The invigilation is provided over the smartphone using the mobile app. The product and the app are responsive.

10. Pod:
The pod is another lightweight tracking device. It is a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi tracking. The GPS pinpoints long range distances, while Wi-Fi enables the in-house search. The collar is quite lightweight and easy for pets to wear.

11. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker:
You can get wholesome of pet trackers from Amazon. Yet another from the basic offers over Amazon, we grabbed the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. The device is cheaper than a number of its competitors. While it works the same way as the rest of the trackers do, with a GPS device and a smartphone app.

12. FitBark Dog Activity Monitor:
A number of tracking devices have been created for the dogs, instead of cats. It is mainly because of the brave nature of the dogs. Most of the trackers are meant for the hunting assistive dogs. The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a multipurpose device. The Monitor Activity device helps in tracking the dog. Besides that, it even tells about the health state of your pet.

13. Yepzon One GPS Locator:
Yepzon has been providing its services to a number of segments of our daily life. Among them, Yepzon One GPS Locator has contributed towards Pet Tracking. The device is a tie-able piece of GPS device and even a collar. Further, it works the same way as the rest of the GPS locators do, using the smartphone app.

14. Petrik:
Petrek is the GPS and GSM pet tracking system. The system supports the 3G connectivity along with the pinpoint GPS locator. The reporting is enabled with the help of a smartphone app available for iOS and Android.

15. WUF:
WUF… WUF… WUF WUF! It is the smart dog collar for you four legged family member. The package comes with more than one device and the smartphone app. It offers the GPS tracking and the visibility over the smartphone screen.

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