Batam may be the last thing popping up your mind when it comes to where to go for a holiday. The Island is not known for its ability to serve tourists with organic attractions and wide variations of them. Compared to other places in Indonesia, the Island is predominantly industrial in nature thus naturally people would not regard the place as the best when it comes to vacationing. In fact, Batam functions mainly as a gate for trading, making it more suitable as a center for factories and the likes of them. Contrary to this belief, however, Batam has a number of attractions worth visiting. People from the neighboring Singapore often visit the Island for their getaway and this is a testament to just how capable Batam is when it comes to serving tourists with a chance to leisure.

If this is still too hard for you to have a grip over, you may pay a visit to any special Batam trip blog that you can find on the internet. From there, you can read anything about the Island and what you can possibly enjoy the moment you go there. Batam, being an island, is rich in entertainment and attractions centering on oceanic theme and beaches. In addition, it is entirely possible for you to encounter hundreds of urban entertainment centers and nightlife in this Island is not at all lacking. Anyway, you should not go to the Island without knowing what to expect.

The fastest way to get around the Island’s best attractions is by a Batam travel agent. Said travel agent should be able to provide you with trip packages that cover each and every one of the attractions within a spread of either a full day or a week, depending on how long you decide to stay on the Island.

To give you a better understanding about the Island, here are some of the best highlights Batam boasts:

  1. Beaches
  2. Melayu Beach
  3. Ocarina Beach
  4. Bale Bale Beach
  5. Sembulang Beach
  6. Marina Beach
  7. Dengas Beach
  8. Viovio Beach
  9. Malls
  10. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall
  11. Mega Mall Batam Center
  12. Kepri Mall
  13. Diamond City Mall
  14. Mall Top 100 Tembesi
  15. Mitra Mall
  16. Panbil Mall
  17. Harbor Bay Mall
  18. Markets
  19. Samarinda Morning Market
  20. Golden City Night Market
  21. Bars & Clubs
  22. Wine bars
  23. Dance clubs and discos
  24. Karaoke
  25. Country and Western bars
  26. Spas
  27. Landmarks
  28. Barelang Bridge
  29. Tua Pek Kong Temple
  30. Pura Agung Amerta Buana
  31. Nong Isa Cemetery Complex
  32. Religious sites
  33. Baitul A’la Mosque
  34. Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple
  35. Jabal Arafah Mosque
  36. Batam Grand Mosque
  37. Buddha Bakti Temple
  38. Bidadari Waterfalls
  39. Islands
  40. Abang Island
  41. Putri Island
  42. Belakang Padang Island
  43. Mubut Darat Island
  44. Vietnam Village
  45. The Illusion Specialty Museum
  46. Bukit Senyum and Love Hill
  47. Funworld Nagoya Citywalk
  48. Kebun Jambu Marina
  49. Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga