The Alcohol Ink Art Community Launches New Website for Alcohol Ink Art Lessons

GERMANTOWN, MD, August 30, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today we are very excited to announce the launch of our new “Learn Alcohol Ink” website. The website is a sister site to the Alcohol Ink Art Community and Society website. The purpose of the website is to connect aspiring alcohol ink artists with resources, instructors and lessons for learning to paint with alcohol ink, both as a stand-alone medium and for use in mixed media.

“The overall goal of the Alcohol Ink Art Community is to raise awareness of this vibrant and beautiful medium and to share our love for Alcohol Inks with the world!” states Laurie Williams, founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community. “Alcohol ink art made a difference in my life when I was faced with a medical diagnosis that required a creative outlet for stress as a form of therapy. Alcohol ink art provided a meaningful and effective creative outlet that helped me in so many ways! I founded the Alcohol Ink Art Community to share my own love for the medium and to give back to the art community.”

“Learn Alcohol Ink” ( provides eLessons that vary in length and range in price from $10 – $30. Most of eLessons presented are also available at no additional fee to members of the Alcohol Ink Art Society. The Learn Alcohol Ink website provides a directory of learning resources, instructors and their eCourses; as well as in-person events calendar for Alcohol Ink workshops and events worldwide!

About the Alcohol Ink Art Community
The Alcohol Ink Art Community ( is a community of alcohol ink artists, instructors and anyone with an interest in working with alcohol ink. The community features resources, projects, FAQs, videos and so much more. The community is supported by a strong team of contributors with backgrounds in art instruction in alcohol ink and other mediums. The community was founded in January 2017. The website is supported by a growing community on Facebook that currently supports over 34,000 members.

About the Alcohol Ink Art Society
The Alcohol Ink Art Society is a branch of the Alcohol Ink Art Community. It’s a focused group of artists working with alcohol ink and enthusiastic about spreading the love of alcohol ink with the world. Society members have access to exclusive resources, eLessons and a private focused Facebook group for collaboration. Learn more about the Society at

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