Author Dwarka (D.N.) Chadha has launched his new book based, “Suitcase–True and Inspiring American Dream Story,” and is already creating waves.

HOPKINTON, MA, March 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The memoir of an ordinary man, not rich nor famous, who came to America with only a suitcase and some extraordinary dreams.

Author Dwarka (D.N) Chadha, in his book, talks about the desire and goals of a person to be successful in career, business and education and the never-ending pursuit to have a better life in America. The story of Suitcase is about how you can achieve your goals through focus, hard work, confidence, passion, and a positive attitude. It also talks about adapting to change and staying determined. The book reveals how despite of many challenges, difficulties and failures, one can find success and move to build a great future.

According to Chadha, “These elements of success can be applied to everyone’s life. Suitcase goes beyond the milestones achieved in my professional life, Career, my daughter’s education and financial success.”

This Platform of Success in life. Meet the challenges and Courage to Change has been revealed in the book. Suitcase reveals the story of the author’s passion for politics and defending democracy, Voting Rights, issues of racism, diversity, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, Covid -19 and Helping the poor and feeding the hungry.

His journey seeks the Health, Wealth and Prosperity of the World community and humanity. Dwarka (D.N.) Chadha completed his Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Delhi University, India, in the year 1963. He also had an award-winning career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Executive and a Sales Specialist featured leadership of sales teams to generate revenues in excess of $100 million in sales.

He also served as the President India Association of Greater Boston from 1984 to 1985. Then, got appointed to the Massachusetts Minority Business Oversight Committee by Governor Mike Dukakis in 1985. One of his career highlights was receiving recognition/documentation from President Obama, Governor Deval Patrick, Governor Mike Dukakis and congressman Barney Frank. Served in the organization of support meetings for Health Care Reform in 2008-2009 and received recognition from President Obama for the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Chadha has also served the community as the the first Vice President of the Hopkinton Lions Club since 2019.

It took him 12 Years of literary work to complete this book to ensure factual authenticity and to make it a book worth reading. The suitcase also has a special surprise for the reader, a Photo Gallery at the end of the book Suitcase will be hitting all top book publishing platforms December 2022, including Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble. Suitcase is available on Amazon Kindle ebook $9.99 Paperback $ 17.99 and Hard cover $ 27.29. The readers can order the book by clicking the link here.

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