The campaign for the new FW2018 collection takes inspiration from the concept of “The Art of Details” referencing the symbolist art of Gustav Klimt.

NEW YORK, NY, September 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Etnia Barcelona flaunts its DNA to the world by way of its global brand campaign, #BeAnartist – inspired by the art world. The campaign for the new FW2018 collection takes inspiration from the concept of “The Art of Details” referencing the symbolist art of Gustav Klimt.

The Barcelona-based eyewear brand has referenced the classic works of art by painters such as Da Vinci and Raphael, Etnia Barcelona new collection is inspired by Klimt’s 19th-century symbolism. His provocative work is brimming with symbolism & peers into the depths of the world’s secrets, serves as the inspiration behind Etnia Barcelona’s Fall-Winter campaign.

For this season, the brand presents a total of 75 new additions: 40 optical glasses and 35 sunglasses.

More than ever before, the new Etnia Barcelona collection focuses on the intricacies of design: from delicate frames with special details to singular color combinations & subtle shapes both in acetate and metal, all of which clearly reflect the brand’s DNA.

When it comes to color, this season’s collection takes its inspiration from three key trends used by Etnia Barcelona to create its eyewear acetates in 76 color combinations for this launch: Street Details: the most urban trend around: think graffiti, textures, grilles, bars, and stripes.

Flashing Lights: the most futuristic trend that takes its inspiration from visionary movies such as Blade Runner. Fluorescent colors combined with flash-type structures and finished with colored glitter and pixels will turn heads.

Pure Nature: the most ethnic trend that’s also closest to nature.

Designed using organic, earthy tones and textures inspired by stones and plants: natural, balanced colors.

Etnia Barcelona is always loyal to its Anartist manifesto, to its persistent need to break away from the norm, to question the rules and to constantly search for its own truth. Independent beings with free spirits, we follow the Anartist movement: a simultaneous blend of anarchist and artistic thinking, which gives way to the most beautiful creations that emerge from chaos.

Etnia Barcelona and the photographer Biel Capllonch have people talking about their work. Pieces that subtly share what they have to say to those that let themselves be carried away by the details, or to those that lose themselves in the quest for something more: those that dare to break the rules. Blinded by our daily grind, many of us don’t see the smallest details of life that are right in front of us. But, when we do finally notice them, we can’t take our eyes off them. They shine bright like Klimt’s gold. Also of special note in this campaign is the use of simple, everyday elements like microchips, cables, motherboards and hard drives that transmit our intention to democratize art. Because we can all be artists – rather, we can all be Anartists.

Fulgencio Ramo was the grandfather of the founder of Etnia Barcelona, and was the man who started the family’s passion for sunglasses. Fulgencio worked for years on the factory floor of a sunglasses company in Barcelona, until he was finally able to create his own factory in Poble Sec in the 50’s.

His two daughters came to help him every Saturday, they typed invoices, and nailed the rivets on the fronts of the glasses, learning about the trade. This discreet and hardworking man was imparting his own values to his daughters – those of discipline and sacrifice. Every Sunday Fulgencio would come home with a bag of glasses that they had to clean for the coming week, and by gradually passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to his daughters, he subsequently passed on the torch to the next generation.

In time a new company was born; this second generation designed, manufactured and distributed glasses to all of Spain, maintaining the family’s passion and dedication. This endeavor lasted until the end of the 90’s, when 17 year-old David Pellicer, Fulgencio’s grandson, started to work at the factory. With two generations worth of inherent values, and an abundance of acquired knowledge, fresh-faced David eagerly entered into the company, ready to create something new. Thus, Etnia Barcelona was born.

David introduced colour into an accessory that had always been brown or black. Red or yellow sunglasses didn’t exist before then, nor did glasses that combined two or three colours.

When deciding that he wanted to start his own company, David knew that he did not just want to manufacture glasses, but he wanted to leave a mark – to create a brand. He finished his first collection whilst still living with his grandfather, Fulgencio Ramo, who congratulated him on his designs and his modern frames, and for this incorporation of colour into an industry that had never seen it before.

David’s brand focuses on the idea of being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and cultured. It boasts bold designs for all types of people, never before seen colourways that emphasize the personality within individual faces, and has had cost adjustments that give the company a competitive edge.

Pellicer’s family have a tradition of high quality manufacturing standards, and this remains fundamental, and is evident in all the glasses that come out of the Etnia Barcelona factory. David Pellicer has led the company from the forefront of the design department, using all his families’ advice on how to make intelligent and qualitative decisions, and to pay special attention to detail.

With three generations worth of expertise, gained over the course of more than 70 years, this family legacy, refined by and renowned for its dedication, its passion and its efforts, is now a worldwide driving force in the sunglasses industry in the form of Etnia Barcelona.

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