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PORTSMOUTH, VA, June 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — T.N. Mitchell is the CEO of A+ Healthcare Partners and a Masters prepared Registered Nurse. She owns and operates this home healthcare agency in the effort to care for people and to work toward decreasing morbidity and mortality rates from a disease process prospective. She is also a bestselling author.

Mitchell shares her story in her new bestselling book, “After the Affair…What’s Next?” where she went from having trust issues and the inability to love wholly due to trauma as a child, which played a role in her having an affair, to learning to rebuild afterward with her husband. In a recent interview on “Thriving Entrepreneur” radio show with Steve Kidd, she said, “I think a lot of us walk around every day not realizing how our past relationships affect us every day. We’re not allowing ourselves to heal because we won’t love full-out.” At one point she talks about how her husband couldn’t understand why she wanted forgiveness after her not showing him the same in the past, and she replied, “I never knew how to forgive because I had never sought it for myself. We don’t really know the meaning of forgiveness until we are the one seeking grace and mercy.”

Kidd Marketing and Thriving Entrepreneur radio show’s Steve Kidd said, “The book is great–people NEED to pick it up to learn all of your secrets about how to move from the affair to after the affair.”

T.N. Mitchell is now the CEO of A+ Healthcare Partners. Her vision is to decrease mental and health disparities in communities across the region. As a Masters prepared Registered Nurse she knows how much Healthy relationships and emotions play in our overall health. Mitchell says, “Some people don’t eat or sleep when they’re on an emotional roller coaster. My hope is that you never have to experience anything close to what we went through to get to the other side but if you do, I hope you will see that forgiveness is possible even though the circumstance may seem perceivably unforgivable. Learn to turn your lessons into blessings.”

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