New Widely Popular Launch and Initiative to Modernize the Declaration of Independence

COLUMBUS, OH, April 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an unprecedented, historical event a document was released representing the 2022 Declaration of Independence was sent to all 435 members of the House of Representatives, all 9 Supreme Court Justices, and The White House by Humanitarian Americans for a Peaceful Prosperous Planet Now (HAPPPN), an organization dedicated to modernizing the Declaration of Independence to more fully represent all Americans and calling for the installation of an improved government using the curative instruction from the 1776 Declaration for the first time in our Nation’s history.

“HAPPPN was created to unite Americans under the banner of the Declaration of Independence as a way to preserve their unalienable rights as sovereign human beings and U.S. citizens, today and for all generations of Americans to come,” said Tamara Pearson, Media Spokesperson for the organization. “As a woman of color, I realized that the original document did not include me. Nor does it include over half the citizens in America today, as all women and minorities were excluded. Our goal is also to utilize the curative measures from the original Declaration of Independence to correct the administration of our U.S. government without overthrowing it, and ultimately to institute an improved government to ensure our future freedom, prosperity, security, and happiness. Our Founding Fathers recognized the dangerous potential for tyranny to gain a foothold in our democracy and, unfortunately, it is evident that these fears have come to fruition in our current political and social structure.”

In the 2022 Declaration, HAPPPN addresses some of the most timely issues of great public importance to American citizens such as environmental protections, stating, “We The People also hold it self-evident that a prosperous Earth with an abundant natural environment is inextricably tied to Our freedom. We are against anything that destroys a healthy environment—because there can be no life, liberty or pursuit of happiness without clean air, clean water, and Nature-made foods.”; and reinstituting the federal protection of a woman’s right to reproductive freedom stating, in part, “We The People hereby reinstitute, under the rights secured by the U.S. Constitution, the protection of a woman’s right to personal freedom to choose whether or not to reproduce and hereby strike down as unconstitutional the U.S. Government’s decision to leave the choice of protecting this freedom to the individual States.”

Within the 2022 Declaration, demands a number of immediate safeguards such as:
• Separation from President Joe Biden and his administration due to a demonstrated inability to represent a Free People by actions threatening to our civil rights, freedoms and prosperity;

• Invalidation of the unconstitutional Executive Order 14067 to implement a digital, traceable U.S. currency;

• Invalidation of the unconstitutional Executive Order 12803, illegally granting the government the authority to sell America’s infrastructure;

• Invalidation of the declaration to implement a Global Vaccine Passport and participation in international organizations and treaties such as the World Health Organization and the Pandemic Treaty, as well as any other attempts to render the U.S. Constitution, or any rights guaranteed thereunder, void at any time.

• Invalidation of the unconstitutional Public Law 107-56, also known as the “Patriot Act”.

• Abolishment of attempts to infringe upon the Second Amendment, granting Americans the right to keep and bear arms as that right is essential to securing our liberty.

• Banning of neonicotinoid insecticides and PFAs, with plans to strategically phase out their use and initiating development of adequate substitutes.

“Our movement goes beyond political parties. We are not Liberals or Conservatives. Nor are we Republicans or Democrats. The United States of America is a republic and our government is Of The People, By The People, For The People, and when our public servants act contrary to our best interests, or not agreeable to our wishes, it is our duty to recall them and to provide new guards for our future security,” said Tamara Pearson, Media Spokesperson for the organization. Our goal is to ensure that the principles that our nation was founded on, enumerated in the original Declaration of Independence, are secured for present and future generations.”

Supporters can visit for more information on the organization’s mission and to sign the Official 2022 Declaration of Independence.


HAPPPN is a grassroots organization created to give a united voice to We The People on the world stage to disrupt the current misguided and corrupt narrative in America and to set the record straight with the U.S. Government for its unilateral actions against the will of We The People.

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