There’s a lot of talk about the new expansion of short term insurance by Trump. What does this mean and how are they different from Obamacare plans.

CARMEL, CA, August 30, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — On August 2nd, Trump announced an executive order expanding short term health plans.

What does this actually mean for you?

Maybe more importantly, how are they different from Obamacare plans?

The short term expansion (or anything health insurance really) is highly political.

Many pundits are either pro or con along political lines.

Most of them have health insurance provided by a company or the Government.

What about people who don’t get a tax credit and have seen costs double or triple since 2014?

Let’s really break down the new expansion and make sure to touch base on how they are different from Obamacare.

You can compare the new expanded Short term plans versus Obamacare here.

Health insurance has really been a tale of two cities since 2014.

If you get a tax credit or have significant healthcare expenses, you’re pretty happy.

If you don’t….not so much!

We need to really understand the differences in order to make an informed decision.

This overview goes a long way towards that goal!

You can access the article here. is provided by Goodacre Insurance Services as a tool to help people understand the new short term health options available to them. With 25+ years experience in the short term market, Goodacre Insurance Services assistance is free.

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