The attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC offer legal options for victims of Uber driving accidents.

NEW YORK, NY, August 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — A car accident can bring everything to a screeching halt: career plans, family events and even lives themselves. This trouble exponentially grows when a third party causes the accident. Unfortunately, many ride-share clients (using apps such as Uber and Lyft) don’t know where to turn when they find themselves victimized by someone else’s dangerous driving, but experienced attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC are making sure the people of Manhattan know their rights when traversing these stressful ordeals.

Recent reports show that careless Uber driving results in almost fifty to sixty deaths per year. Even more nonfatal accidents go unreported by the platforms to hide liabilities and cover increased costs and investigations into their affairs. In this way, they can avoid paying for “lost earning capacity” — In other words, the money victims lose by being unable to perform their job due to injury or incapacitation.

Know Your Rights as an Uber Accident Victim

“Most people aren’t aware of just how much they’re entitled to after an incident like this,” says John Tucker, Director of Claims Management at Kaplan Lawyers PC. “Even those who are partially at fault for an accident could collect damages. Failing to file a claim or press charges is just adding negligence to negligence.”

Our Attorneys Can Help You Recover What You Lost

States have varying laws and measures dealing with loss of consortium. Car repairs and medical bills can cause a financial strain on a family or individual dealing with the aftermath of an Uber driving accident. However, more important still are the non-economic damages that can occur: intangible suffering, development of mental and/or emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD or even the loss of precious life.

The statute of limitations for accidents like these is short, only two to three years, depending on whether an accident was fatal. “Time is of the essence when filing claims and suits for car accidents,” states Tucker. “Driving apps and insurance companies want to sweep their mistakes under the rug at the cost of your silence. Don’t let them!”

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