About Sadcasm:

Meet Luthra and Rakesh Prasad believed in trying out something new with social media when they came up with the brilliant idea of opening their social media platform, Sadcasm.

It was not even 6 months that the page received immense popularity from the audience. Sadcasm is a Facebook page with over 15 million followers is not a joke. The rising popularity of the page caught the attention of many marketing and promotion firms.

Sadcasm has its own editorial team who creates interesting posts that are posted on the page. Sadcasm focuses on the latest trends on the internet. As stated by Meet Luthra, they want to reach as many people as they can and earn around 25M followers by the year 2020. The page already has followers from 40 different countries.


Sadcasm offers content ranging from gossips, humour, entertainment and so on. The founders loved to experiment in the social media space and their constant reinvention and experiments have given to Sadcasm. It just took six months for the platform to become a rage among netizens and meme lovers. Sadcasm’s Facebook page has around 15 million followers which has caught the attention of many marketing firms for online promotions. Their editorial team focuses on creating content that is relevant to the present time and is relatable to the youth. It works relentlessly to put out content that is loved and enjoyed by the audience.


The humongous fan following of the page stands testimony to the success of their oxymoronish product that sells like hotcakes and this cake is a blend of caustic sarcasm, laughter, and happiness. They aim to popularize their motto “Sad but Sarcastic” and bring a smile on faces that have gone through a bad day.


If you think that the content that you just published is going to get promoted and marketed by itself, you are sorely mistaken. That is not how it works and if you thought it does, you were in the dark. Promotion is one of the biggest parts of getting your content on Facebook seen. Workaround to share it with groups, share it to people who you know would value it. This is key. If you are promoting to someone who is not your target audience, chances are that it won’t get many views or hits. Promote to the right people and the right way.

Going viral on Facebook isn’t a cakewalk. It is very important to work around topics and subjects that the audience is hungry for. If you are publishing something that thousands of other people have also shared, there is a very fickle chance that your post will stand a chance.


Together, both of them have worked quite a lot in the field of social media pages and the entertainment market before they did end up channeling their knowledge and experience into something they had a vision about. Now, Sadcasm has followers from around 40 countries, the numbers on the constant rise with each passing day. They expect to multiply the number to 25 million followers by the end of 2020.