It’s Free to Register and Fees Only Arise When an Agent Accepts a Lead

PALM SPRINGS, CA, August 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — David Hirschfield Founder & CEO of Webbix Media, Inc. has partnered with real estate industry expert and REALTOR® Mel Calagui to develop a revolutionary new app that’s designed to connect real estate professionals and lenders with prospective buyers and sellers in an Uber-style app platform. The app, called Push to View, was designed specifically with Millennial user habits in mind.

“In recent years, I’ve discovered that many Millennials are hesitant to place a call or leave a voicemail. Many are far more likely to simply press a button. In fact, it’s a behavior that’s well-supported by research. This app was developed with these user habits in mind,” explained co-founder and longtime real estate agent Mel Calagui, of eXp Realty of California, Inc., in Elk Grove, CA.

He added, “Push to View is an app that will solve two pain points. We’ll give Millennials a portal where they can connect with a real estate professional or lender in a way that’s intuitive and comfortable to them. Push to View will also provide real estate industry professionals with a place where they can review and accept leads as their workflow allows.”

Push to View is in final development, but it’s already generating lots of excitement throughout an industry that is perpetually seeking new leads. The creators describe the app as “a virtual open house environment. When you’re logged in, you can choose to accept or decline the lead. From there, you simply work to cultivate a relationship, just as you would at a traditional open house event.”

The app will offer free registration to all users, including prospective buyers, sellers, real estate professionals and lenders. Real estate professionals and lenders will pay a modest fee if and when they opt to accept a lead.

Chief Marketing Officer Alex Negron indicated that the app will soon be launched in the United States, with additional launches scheduled for Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and beyond.

The app will be released for Android devices and iOS versions.

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