PRSONAS™ a leading provider of AI Avatars for healthcare and SCC, a renowned leader in IT managed services, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership aimed at transforming the patient experience through innovative technology solutions.

WAKE FOREST, NC, May 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — PRSONAS’, AI Avatars have gained recognition for their ability to revolutionize customer interactions, delivering personalized and engaging experiences across various industries. By combining PRSONAS’ expertise in AI-powered avatars with SCC‘s leadership in IT-managed services, the partnership will accelerate the evolution of the hybrid workspace and enhance customer and patient engagement in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

The collaboration between PRSONAS and SCC is set to introduce AI Avatar technology to healthcare and other industries, redefining how businesses interact with their customers and patients. PRSONAS’ lifelike avatars will enable organizations to provide dynamic and personalized experiences, while SCC’s robust IT-managed services will ensure seamless integration and support.

SCC, known for its comprehensive IT solutions and outstanding customer service, is excited to combine forces with PRSONAS to drive digital transformation and create impactful experiences. Through this partnership, SCC will utilize its technological leadership to accelerate the adoption of AI Avatar technology and deliver the hybrid workspace of the future.

“PRSONAS has been the leader and earliest provider of AI digital humans since 2013. Our transformative technology has global scalability across multiple market sectors,” said Chuck Rinker, CEO of PRSONAS. “Identifying a strategic partner capable of supporting the innovators and market leaders in this emerging space was no easy task. SCC has provided IT support in emerging markets since its inception in 1975, so the choice was clear. Our alliance is poised to open up exciting opportunities in digital transformation throughout the US, UK, and Europe.”

Daniel Cartter, Chief Innovation Officer at SCC said, “With our partnership with PRSONAS, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of digital human technology and to help our clients to revolutionize customer experiences in various industries. Digital humans simulate human-like conversations and interactions with customers, offering more personalized experiences and improving business efficiency.”

SCC delivers limitless IT solutions in partnership with the world’s best technology vendors. They help clients succeed through IT transformation and exceptional customer experiences as well as improving operational efficiency and productivity. SCC is one of Europe’s largest independent IT groups that enables organizations to leverage technology for business success.

Both PRSONAS and SCC are committed to innovation and delivering exceptional solutions to their clients. Their partnership will set new standards for customer and patient experiences, showcasing the power of AI technology in transforming industries.

PRSONAS is a leading provider of AI Avatar technology, enabling businesses to create engaging and personalized customer experiences across various industries. With lifelike avatars and advanced AI capabilities, PRSONAS empowers organizations to deliver exceptional interactions and drive business growth.

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