Roger The Plumber advises homeowners to take steps to protect their home’s plumbing system during hot summer months.

LENEXA, KS, July 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Roger The Plumber, a residential plumbing and HVAC services company, advises homeowners to take steps to protect their home’s plumbing system during hot summer months.

The summer season is a time for pool parties, backyard BBQs, and family reunions. Oftentimes, the home’s plumbing system can give way under the increased pressure and spring leaks. Roger The Plumber General Manager Mike Paredez recommends keeping an eye out for signs of a plumbing issue, such as leaks, strange noises, slow drains, and low water pressure.

Extreme heat can cause metal pipes to expand, leading to cracks and leaks. To prevent the risk of an outdoor water leak, cover exterior pipes with magnetic insulation for extra protection. Insulation will minimize the impact of fluctuations in temperature on pipes and keep water flowing freely within the home.

Slow drains may be caused by clogs or ingrown tree roots. If the cause is a clog, teach kids to throw trash into a waste receptacle, rather than in the toilet. Frequent clogs could indicate a deeper, more advanced issue that requires professional plumbing service. Left unaddressed, clogs could make it difficult for the plumbing system to eliminate wastewater and lead to backed-up sewer pipes.

Roger The Plumber General Manager Hunter Hamilton advises homeowners to schedule a plumbing maintenance visit to reduce the risk of a breakdown in the middle of a busy summer season. “Our plumbers are trained to spot hidden issues before they become a serious problem. We’re here to make sure things go smoothly in your home so you can focus on enjoying time with family and friends,” he says.

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