UCipher Self-Assessments Apply A Person’s Abilities, Strengths and Personality to The Issues, Topics, and Endeavors That Interest Them Most

NEWTOWN, PA, July 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — UCipher, a comprehensive self-assessment tool for students and young professionals, announced today the introduction of a new series created specifically for individuals in high school, college, and the early professional years. Each is a multidimensional self-evaluation tool that provides a deeper understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

“UCipher self-assessments were designed to help students and young professionals navigate their experience, identify career goals, and find a major or career that capitalizes on their strengths,” said Frank DeLuna, President and Chief Innovation Officer, UCipher. “Advisors at the high school, college, and graduate school level as well as companies with strong internship programs find tremendous value in a tool like UCipher because it offers tangible goals, and helps apply a person’s abilities, strengths and personality to the issues, topics and endeavors that interest them.”

The Three Stages of UCipher Assessments

I. Discover Your Potential. UCipher Scholar is the assessment tool designed for high schools and college preparatory schools. Upon completion of the self-assessment, students receive a personalized and thorough 12-page assessment report, an individual development plan, and a holistic understanding of student motivations, abilities, and personality.

II. Grow Personally, Prepare Professionally. UCipher Graduate is a verified, unique proven online assessment tool that helps university and graduate students better understand themselves. Unlike other assessments that focus only on one dimension, UCipher Graduate examines motivations, abilities, and personality to provide the most comprehensive and accurate profile available in the marketplace today.

III. Design Your Career with Confidence. UCipher Career promotes long-term success and satisfaction by helping interns and young professionals to navigate career options that mesh with their style, strengths, and desires. Assessments also help them to become more effective leaders by understanding their skills and leadership style and identifying the types of roles, organizations, and industries in which they will thrive.

UCipher self-assessments are offered directly to individuals through the website at ucipher.com/individual; it’s also available through schools and organizations across the country that are looking to improve the level of guidance and resources they provide to high school and university students, as well as internship and mentorship program participants.

To maximize the benefits of its self-assessment tools, UCipher also provides a professional examination of the test results through enhanced service offerings:

Individual Coaching – UCipher offers personalized interpretation of test results through personal coaching for individuals. Our Individual Coaching staff is trained to interpret your results and talk with you to define your motivations, abilities, and personality profile.

Train-the-Trainer Certification Program – To support school advisors and intern/professional development coordinators at organizations, UCipher has developed a Train-the-Trainer Certification program to equip advisors and mentors with the tools necessary to interpret test results themselves and identify competencies, challenges, and keys for success. Once trained and certified, schools and organizations can offer a full, robust program that provides the most comprehensive and accurate personal profile in the marketplace today.

For information about how to bring UCipher to your high school, university, or professional organization, please contact Frank DeLuna at: 215-431-7464 or [email protected].

About UCipher
Developed by a team of professionals, UCipher examines motivations, talents, abilities, and personality traits to deliver a comprehensive and accurate profile that will help make smarter decisions about the future. UCipher was created for individuals in high school, college, or pursuing internships and other professional development opportunities, to help them move forward with confidence.

Since 2002, parent company TAI Inc. has been a global leader in the fields of executive coaching, leadership development, and team alignment.

To learn more, visit www.ucipher.com.

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