Seattle, WA, October 16, 2017 –(– Massage Abroad is taking education to a new level. The concept of Massage School Abroad takes learning this natural therapy in a new and more adventurous direction. Massage Abroad is pleased to announce that are now offering a 4 month United States approved massage therapy licensing program in exotic massage school locations within Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Massage school abroad students are constantly exposed to new cultures and concepts that allow for a more traditional look at this timeless therapy.

Learn the Basics of Massage
Their educators provide each student with a thorough and comprehensive education that allows them to experience each technique in its truest form. Natural elements are encouraged with each class, embracing a more holistic approach to massage therapy. There are many forms of massage therapy. Learning abroad provides you a unique opportunity to learn various techniques that are performed in different countries. You will also learn the significance of touch as it is perceived in different cultures.

Enjoy the Benefits of Traveling Abroad
While attending massage school abroad, each student gets to enjoy the experience of traveling in a foreign country. They get to experience the culture and atmosphere first hand, allowing them to grow both as a person, as well as a professional. Traveling abroad is often just a dream for many of us. By combining traveling with education, you get two achieve two goals at one time. You will experience cultural diversity that enhances and promotes your learning far past what you will be exposed to in a traditional classroom setting.

Create Long Lasting Memories and Friends
Attending massage school abroad offers you an opportunity to create lasting memories and new, lifelong friendships. Traveling abroad allows you to see the world, which for many may be a once in a lifetime experience. You will meet people from many different cultures providing you with an education that would not be possible if you attended a traditional massage school. The lessons you learn as part of your education will serve you throughout your career. By the same token, the people you meet and the experiences you have while attending school abroad will also serve you for many, many years to come.

Back to the Source
One of the main benefits of attending massage school Peru, Nicaragua, and Mexico, is the ability to learn in an open environment. The climate and atmosphere in these countries are warm and welcoming allowing them to teach their classes in wide open spaces. Being able to work in a natural environment is more conducive to being fully relaxed and able to learn the lessons that are being taught. There are few boundaries to limit your ability to learn. You are encouraged to embrace the natural elements in your surroundings and include them as part of your therapeutic regimen.

At Massage Abroad, their goal is to create a unique, learning atmosphere that offers each student an experience they will never forget. They want to provide them with the tools and resources they need to be the best at what they do. This involves providing them with experiences that will help to refine and hone their intellectual skills. Attending massage school abroad is a once in a lifetime experience that can provide benefits far beyond one's wildest imagination.

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