Having been in the development for the past six months, the arrival of the new site completely overhauls I On The Scene’s blog and content offerings, as well as giving a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

With a fresh look and feel, the new site affords users the opportunity to navigate through the latest in Beauty and Luxury Lifestyle News with ease. Delivering a fully responsive experience, the new website gives users a seamless transition from desktop to mobile browsing, and intelligently pulls the latest content from the new blog space for users to access quickly and easily.

Departing from the legacy format of multiple blog areas, the new hub sees everything rehoused in central space with the ability to browse content based on topic.

“We are excited about the launch of our new site, we hope visitors will be able to find information on I On The Scene with ease. We love the new look and feel of the site. The new site is another piece in the jigsaw of our marketing strategy and aligns our digital platform much more closely to our brand and future offerings,” says Suzanne Tripaldi, Director of Operations, I On The Scene.

Irene Michaels, Founder and President of I On The Scene, said: “The website has been something of a labor of love, and represents the culmination of an enormous amount of work on part of both the Marketing and Design teams at IOTS. As we strive to improve every aspect of our on and offline presence, flagship projects such as this not only give us a huge amount of pride but also demonstrate our commitment to excellence to our clients, partners and friends. I’m extremely excited to share what we’ve got in the works over the next few months”.

The website will be updated with fresh new content on a regular basis. Visitors are able to explore the new site and be part of the scene by signing up to the I On The Scene newsletter by visiting http://www.ionthescene.com/. Follow IOTS for regular updates on twitter and facebook.