New York, NY – Vee Guapo, a rising star in New York’s rap scene, excitedly announced the release of his new hit music video for single “My Mind” this week. Following the successful debut of his last hit “Fake Love,” Vee Guapo manages to deliver another passionate performance with emotional lyrics, powerful visuals, and explosive talent.

An energetic number with groovy tracks, peppy tunes, and stunning visuals, “My Love” is perfect for any atmosphere or vibe. Reflective of Vee Guapo’s artist talent, the music video shows that anything is possible if you maintain dedication and stay true to your dreams. The 3-minute “My Mind” track comes alive with a vibrant tempo, with the music video depicting Vee Guapo as a cool, young legend with a flashy Mercedes-Benz, and stacks of cash against the backdrop of the New York’s river. Showing the glorious aspects of youth, “My Mind” has been called “energetic” and “uplifting” by critics for its beats, vibes, and lyrics, and has encouraged a new generation to follow their dreams and chase success.

“Filming my mind was an amazing experience,” remarked Vee Guapo. “I was a bit nervous. I’m not going to lie. But after a while, I got into it and just had fun with shooting the music video. This video is a dream come true and an unforgettable experience. I’m so glad this was just the beginning.”

Vee Guapo was born doing rap, and the Brooklyn based rapper is showing his creativity, artistic talent, and love for music each day. A rising star, “My Mind” was officially released on September 16, 2020, and is now streaming on all major online audio platforms. For more information, visit and follow Vee Guapo on YouTube.

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