John Farmer Jr’s book WAY TOO FAST available on Amazon:Books. The life and music of Danny Degennaro.

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Danny Degennaro Foundation president Ed Mero announces the release of 2 projects that honor the memory of music legend Danny Degennaro available via You Tube and Amazon:Books

The Grateful Dead Family band has recorded and released their version of the classic Joni Mitchell tune, WOODSTOCK. It’s the 3rd song from KingFish following “Jump for Joy” and “Seasons”. The tune is a personal favorite of Internet Icon CINDY MARGOLIS.

WOODSTOCK is available for your viewing and listening pleasure on

KINGFISH alums Steve Shive and Michael O’ Neill were joined by Paul Baroli Jr.(bass) and Danny Galvano (keys) for author John Farmer Jr.’s book release party for Way to Fast Life and Music of Danny Degennaro.

The book is a historic documentation of the Life and Times of a music era gone by focusing on the brilliant music career of Danny Degennaro.  Way Too Fast is available on Amazon:Books.

For more info. Contact Ed Mero at [email protected]

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