Onramper’s new product release provides maximum global reach, highest success authorisation rates and lowest fees on the market. It thereby solves the ‘Onramp Trilemma’, a chronic problem for individual on-ramps.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, February 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — – 35+ local payment methods in more than 190 countries from nine onramps are now available in a modern microservice design architecture framework.

– UI improvements increase success rate of transactions to a market leading 70% and a modern API structure brings developer integration time to under one hour.

– Thousands of crypto companies have leveraged this tool and wallets, decentralized and centralized exchanges can contact Onramper and start using the new widget today.

Amsterdam, 1 February – Onramper is proud to introduce a highly scalable and sophisticated onramp orchestration widget. Following months of work and user research, the Dutch company released today’s update to help wallets, centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges allow end users to buy, sell or swap cryptocurrencies around the world, to ensure seamless user onboarding.

The ‘Onramp Trilemma’

The product announcement places the Dutch based company in a league of its own. As an aggregator, Onramper’s uniqueness rests on being the only company to serve the so-called ‘Onramp Trilemma’.

The onramp trilemma happens when existing service providers can only provide two of the three must-haves for a company to scale effectively. The three pillars of the Onramp Trilemma are global reach, transaction success rates and low fees.

Enter the Onramper Widget

The new widget from Onramper solves the trilema by offering unparalleled global coverage, industry leading success rate of transactions and the most competitive fees. Based on a modern microservice design framework the widget ensures scalability as end users can access 95 fiat and 240+ crypto currencies and 35 local payments in 190+ countries from one place.

Offering nine major onramps in one API allows crypto companies using Onramper’s services to benefit from a highly redundant setup, thereby offsetting any service disruption, increasing transaction success rates by 70% and providing a 99% uptime. Moreover, end users are able to compare and choose the best exchange rate within one view.

The global economic situation has resulted in staff shortages with 1,600 tech workers being laid off on average daily. Built for minimal maintenance, the upgrade makes it easy for next generation wallets and exchanges to use Onramper, as thousands of crypto companies have already done.

“Scalability, intuitiveness and security are our guiding principles. We built the first widget based on these principles, and have very much kept them front and center with our new widget. I am beyond grateful to our growing team of 30 for their fantastic work and couldn’t be prouder” – said Thijs Maas, co-founder and CEO of Onramper.

This release is just the start. Our mission to unlock the potential of crypto for the masses is very much alive and 2023 will be a fantastic year as we focus on helping wallets, DEXs and CEXs grow” – said Maas.

Onramper is a fiat-crypto onramp aggregator. Leading exchanges, wallets and DeFi and Web3 projects use Onramper’s API to offer end users an embedded, secure and seamless method to buy or sell cryptocurrency in a KYC-compliant fashion. Based in Amsterdam and founded in 2020, the company received $6 million in funding and supported 35 payment methods in 190+ countries.

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