Are you looking for rehab centers in Chicago for yourself or for a loved and close relation? Below are several available rehab centers in Chicago which offer drug abuse rehabilitation programs for different kinds of drugs such as, cocaine and tramadol, that could suit your taste.

Please note, these centers are not listed in any order, nor ranking. And are not based on preferences, but was listed base on our research:

1) Gateway Foundation

Gateway Foundation is a rehab center in Chicago which can be located in Lake Villa – precisely located on the shores of the fox lake.

This is a kind of rehab center which tackles various problems of addiction via personal counseling and special form of therapies. Their kinds of treatment are usually residential. Although it might be a Short termed or Long-termed residential. Either adult’s men or women, with children, adolescents boys are treated at this center.


New Hope Recovery Centre is a rehab center in Chicago which is known for men with problems of alcohol and drug abuse addictions.

New hope Recovery center founded in the year 1991 by Harry C, is a safe and secure nurturing environment for rehabilitation against alcoholic addiction.

New Hope is known for their experienced and well-caring team of staffs. Although, long periods of treatment may be offered to patients because they believe that the possibility for a longer period of recovery depends proportionally on the length of treatment period such patient is subjected to.


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a rehab centre which deals with the treatment of addictions, and also advocates against alcoholic addiction.

Hazelden was founded almost 70 years ago and are still in operation till date. They can be located in Chicago, California, United States.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation can be unarguably described as the best non-profit rehab center in Chicago, and in the whole nation at large. They also run various branches across the state, some which are in Los Angeles, Florida, and New York.

Their advocacy foundation was established in 2014, and they also run a publishing firm.


This is a rehab center in Chicago founded originally in the year 1980. Banyan Treatment center is a rehab center which provides necessary treatments programs to addicts of various kinds of drugs. Their programs are always fully residential.

BTC aims at helping patients to break free from the bond of addiction. This has been aimed at always during the past and also at present with he’ll of maximally qualified and experienced staffs

BTC employs the “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”, The Motivational Interviewing method,  The “Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy”, therapy approaches for their patients.


This is a rehab center in Chicago, established to meet various needs of adults, probably those already with families, against addictions.

This rehab center was established by Dr. Daniel Angres in 2014. Dr. Daniel who was an Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, as at that time.

The positive sobriety institute is specialized in Alcohol Disorder, Care Dual Disorders, Impaired Professionals, Pain Medication Addiction. And they offer several therapies to these disorders. These therapies include; “Art Therapy”, “Equine Therapy”, “Genetic Testing” and the “Spiritual Care & Healing therapy”.

This rehab center although still relatively young, as proved worthy amongst all rehab centers in Chicago. It is recommended for high deliveries of taste by many specialists and previous patients.


The Haymarket Centre is known for its all-around treatment for several kinds of addictions. Ranging from the addictions of gambling to drug addictions and alcoholism.

Haymarket Centre is opened 24/7. This center was established in 1975 and has since then been the largest non-profit, adult detoxification and substance abuse treatment center in Chicago, with over 18,000 patronizers per year.

These are a number of rehab centers in Chicago that can be patronized for several addiction constraints, ranging from the simple addiction of sleeping to a severe addiction to hard drug abuse.

All the centers listed above has been licensed by the government of Illinois and has several years of experience and a number of testimonials attached to their names.


This post is purely a product of research, and we hold no right to be held responsible for any disaster incurred when these centers listed above are been patronized.

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