Celeste London Inc. helps solo moms rejuvenate, restore, and redefine themselves through holistic health services targeted for those with traumatic experiences. The business is headed Celeste London, a Canadian practitioner of natural medicine who guides moms towards developing whole body health and wellness.

Self-care is critical for solo mothers especially those who are a student, career woman or business owner at the same time. With all the responsibilities they would need to shoulder, knowing how to care and heal themselves properly is essential. Celeste London even stresses the importance of healing for mothers dealing with trauma.



With that, Celeste London Inc. provides an array of holistic therapeutic services designed to help solo mothers improve the quality of their lives. The basis of Celeste’s approach is in the implementation of whole food dietary protocols. Celeste’s business provides services that take advantage of the powerful healing benefits of food.

One of the services Celeste London Inc. provides involves educating single moms how to create a personalized nutrition plan suitable to their unique needs. Celeste shares with solo moms the different nutrition programs she’s designed based on natural healing, helping them stay healthy under their many responsibilities.



Celeste also helps single moms to transform their kitchens. With Celeste’s help, they can learn how to cook better for herself and her child with plant-based whole food dishes. As a solo mom herself, Celeste takes inspiration from her own struggles, the physical and emotional challenges of being a single parent.

Besides sharing their knowledge on natural healing through her business, Celeste also helps solo moms through her eBook Diabetes 2 Nutrition. It’s an eBook about the holistic ways towards healing, reversing, and conquering type 2 diabetes. It’s a simple but effective guide where Celeste shares different ways one can move towards revolutionary healing.

The goal of Celeste London Inc. is not only in teaching single mothers to care for themselves and their children properly, in the physical. Her efforts are also targeted towards mental and psychological healing, especially of trauma. Dealing with pregnancy and motherhood on her own is a cumbersome experience for a mother.

Support is necessary to deal with these kinds of services, and Celeste London provides her support by teaching holistic health and powerful healing lifestyle to her customers. With her efforts, it was not surprising for Celeste to be nominated as one of the 100 black women to watch out for in 2016. Even today, she continues her efforts in supporting single mothers through her company.

About Celeste London:


Celeste London is Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner as well as a Singing Bowl Healer. Celeste is a dedicated natural healer guiding single moms towards self-care and healing from trauma as they juggle their hectic lives. She helps single moms through the holistic therapeutic approach in improving the quality of life.

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