Bipolar Disorder -Its all About Awareness

LUDHIANA, INDIA, March 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — India is one of the countries with the highest rates of depression, according to WHO data in 2016. The age group between 40 and 49 years was found predominantly affected by (psychotic disorders, bipolar affective disorders [BPADs]), depressive disorders, and neurotic and stress-related disorders.

Time has come to address these issues as seriously as we consider physical ailment. World Bipolar Day is celebrated annually on the 30th of March, with a goal to create awareness in the society. The objective of the day is to sensitize the general public about the symptoms and signs of Bipolar and motivate them to take treatment.

Bipolar disorder is the 6th leading cause of mental disorder in the world. Over 60 million people are suffering from Bipolar Disorder worldwide according to the reports of the World Health Organisation.

Mind Plus, a Mental Health Wellness Service is observing March as Bipolar month wherein, we have been interacting with people affected with Bipolar Disorder – directly and indirectly. Additionally, The research team has collected data on Bipolar disorder that is being shared for general awareness of our social media.

Though we call ourselves progressing well in the field of mental health, still the patients affected by mental health conditions face social stigma and misinformation. The harsh reality is that even the signs and symptoms are quite evident, patients don’t get correct treatment and support, making them incapable of living functional and healthy lives Our objective this month has been to reach out to those patients or people who show symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Our therapists and clinical psychologists would talk to them, to their families and make them understand the importance of correct and timely diagnoses to follow appropriate treatment.

Mind Plus, has launched a digital platform on Facebook, where you can talk to any of the therapists or email them your concerns without disclosing any personal details. Talking to them about your problem might help you understand your condition better.

Mind Plus has a clinic set-up in the centre of the city, Ludhiana, Punjab, where we consult outpatient inquiries. Mind Plus Retreat is a holistic rehabilitation service in Ludhiana, Punjab that extends the best treatments for mental health, neuropsychiatric conditions, and addiction.

Our team comprises of renowned psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers and related healthcare professionals, each holding over 10 years of experience, providing comprehensive behavioural healthcare services. Every one of us is committed to transforming the lives of children, adults and senior citizens through innovative and evidence-based treatment addressing specific needs.

We follow 12 weeks of treatment, divided into three stages.

1. Assessment and stabilization period (2-4 weeks)

We assess the patient intensively with the help of his/her current symptoms, past history, family history and treatment history. The therapists use different psychological tools and tests to assess the mental state of the patient. In this phase, medicines for stabilization of symptoms is extremely crucial.

2. Active treatment (2-4 weeks)

Here, the therapist involves patient in different psychological therapy and other group therapies such as support group, cognitive therapy, mindfulness, art therapy, music therapy and individual counselling. individual counselling is based on emotional intelligence, psychoeducation of the illness, further relapse prevention and mood stability.

3. Pre-discharge phase (2-4 weeks)

Pre-discharge phase is about making the patient ready for the outside world and we try to create an environment for smooth transitions of the patient in the community. Our focus is on occupational plan and family interventions. We also provide patients – the care plans and outings in this phase.

Early symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be described as the change in energy levels – from extremely high to low, changes in the sleep and appetite, poor hygiene, Increased irritability and aggressive behaviour or feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness.

Our website has detailed information on their condition page and explained well in our blogs by experienced psychologists.

You may reach us at [email protected] for your concerns and to understand the symptoms better. Every symptom doesn’t link to mental disorder always, talking about it to a therapist or professional helps to understand the situation better.

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