Fight digital eye strain in the most stylish way possible with zFORT® lenses, designed to maximize comfort and minimize the effects of blue light

WRENTHAM, MA, July 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Global eyewear brand SmartBuyGlasses offers advanced zFORT® blue light glasses, so you can use your digital devices without the symptoms of digital eye strain. When using a computer for a lengthy period of time, such as when working from home, studying, gaming, or watching a series, the blue light emitted from the screen can cause headaches, dry eyes, fatigue, or blurred vision. With an understanding that a majority of people use technology on a daily basis, SmartBuyGlasses created advanced zFORT® lenses as a solution.

Since blue light rays are at the high end of the light spectrum and have the shortest, yet the most powerful, wavelength (380-460nm), they dangerously impact eye health. Luckily, zFORT® lenses block a large portion of blue light. The lenses act as a protective layer that scatters the harmful wavelengths away from the eyes. When wearing blue light glasses, customers can worry less about the symptoms of blue light to unlock their fullest potential.

Not only are blue light glasses protective and beneficial for health, but they’re also stylish. At SmartBuyGlasses, customers can add zFORT® lenses to any frame. With thousands of options from both affordable and designer brands, there is endless opportunity for customers to feel confident while benefiting from the advanced lens technology. Keeping your eye health a priority has never been more stylish and easy.

Discover zFORT® lenses at SmartBuyGlasses to work, scroll, surf, and play on all of your digital devices without limits.

About SmartBuyGlasses
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