Nowadays, people have many different social platforms, but it becomes difficult to connect with people on all the platforms out in the market. LinkMe reduces those friction points by leveraging technology to share information with each other, without the tedious manual process. LinkMe is dedicated to connecting people across various social media channels, allowing users to scan and link one’s profile for instant connection across platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Venmo, Youtube, Spotify, and more. LinkMe and its innovative solution to the connection conundrum looks to be here to stay, making the world of digital networking enjoyable once more for the modern-day.

For example, you decide to go to a networking event where people are chatting away and you want to exchange social information with attendants to keep in touch. When we manually receive the people’s social URLs, we are subject to mishearing, typing it the wrong way, or simply just not remembering to add them. With LinkMe, the process is simple: a unique QR code generated for each and every user, it’s as simple as a quick scan to be completely connected in seconds. This innovative feature has made staying connected with friends easy, even during turbulent times.

Social networking sites are a true blessing for today’s generation. It certainly has proved to be very useful for us. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to name a few, portray a larger-than-life attitude and prove beneficial in all walks of life, be it for a student, professional, retired personnel as well. Which is why LinkMe also developed its own social media feed, giving users an additional platform, with a new algorithm allowing you to post, like, comment, link, and expand your reach through hundreds of thousands of new users joining LinkMe, every month. LinkMe plans to expand the reach of hundreds of thousands of Influencers & business owners or people who aspire to have a following through their innovative features & limitless networking freedom.

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