We are not surprised that More Than One Storm Coming: Women Will Decide Elections from Now On-2020 Guide by D.J. Parsons roared on to the bestseller list. This book puts out the call to women to own their place in the world and take back the future of America. “Women must vote for progressive policies which are: affordable forward-thinking education, affordable healthcare for our families, safe water to drink and air to breath, treasure and care for our planet, and vote out selfish corrupt men currently in power.” Intrigued? We were, so when she agreed to have a chat with us we jumped at the chance to learn more about this breakout author and her work.

More Than One Storm Coming: Women Will Decide Elections from Now On-2020 Guide is definitely a call to action. At what point did you decide to write this book and put out the call for women.

Recently a female government employee was targeted and insulted by the President of the United States and was asked this same question. Her reply—when he made outrageous sexual noises & innuendos about me on national television. I saw this day coming in 2016.  My analysis reveals changing archetypes, no longer Cinderella and Prince Charming, but Wonder Woman and Professor Moriarty.  Humanity is evolving and men are dragging up the rear, really holding us back. One congressman actually said the word “womb” on the floor of the House of Representatives foreshadowing if he had his way women would have NO reproductive care; truly a frightening fellow.  Watching a Walmart B-Western movie with my husband (topless saloon girls, guns on hips, men not bathing or have teeth), I wondered, is this what men long for; the 1800’s with no safe reproductive care or education for women? We’ll know by this time next year if American voters are in revival and repentance for voting against women; voting down VAWA Violence Against Women Act, Fair Wages Act, Voting rights, closing down Women’s Health Clinics all over the country and handing their families over to our enemies in exchange for money and power.   

When you did the final read through, what was your favorite part of this book?

It’s a picture book divided into four parts, Relationships, Religion, Politics and Jobs for our children in the 21st Century. Pulling jpegs from Shutterstock matching words with images was the fun part. If I couldn’t portray the message in words perhaps a picture could.  In Chapter 8 MALE AGRESSION RISING I used an image of a gangster; gangsters, oligarchs, Bunco.  No one likes to rant and I was most happy to quit when a visionary conclusion was complete.

If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why?

Millennials will not remember my first superhero The Bionic Woman Lindsey Wagner (1976-1978). Lol. Today it is Marlo Thomas and what she has done with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She chose to continue to build up the Hospital instead of her own star-status. What a treat it was to see her in Oceans 8 and to hear her famous voice again. I immediately got my donation card out.

How long did it take you to write More Than One Storm Coming: Women Will Decide Elections from Now On-2020 Guide?    And what was that experience like?  

I hired a writing coach to get me started and then it took four weeks.  She helped me organize my material into chapter files and kept me focused on inspiring women to do what comes next. Each chapter includes stating a problem and motivates how to solve it. It was like a race that had to be run.

I hear that you want to write a love story next, which is a big change from this book. Can you tell us a bit about that? 

One must know the ending to America’s love story before it can be written. The jury’s out. It could be great make-up sex or Divorce City.