Dr. Marcelo Hochman Calls Physicians and Patients to Take Key Steps in Healthcare Revolution

CHARLESTON, SC, December 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The US healthcare system is recognized for its complexity and high costs, leaving individuals uninformed about effective navigation. Dr. Marcelo Hochman, a distinguished private practice physician, shares his groundbreaking insights into the complexities of the broken US healthcare system. In a national call to arms, Dr. Hochman focuses on empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Having witnessed the impact of certificates of need (CONs), non-compete clauses, challenges in rural communities, and financial barriers preventing doctors from providing pro bono care, Dr. Hochman is well-versed in the multifaceted problems within the healthcare system, and puts the power of choice back in the hands of doctors and patients, creating a win-win scenario for all.

1. Incentivize Charity Care: A TaxCredit for Doctors Making a Difference

Dr. Hochman emphasizes the need for incentives, such as tax credits , for the Doctor herself who provides the charity care. Currently the hospitals get millions of dollars of tax breaks for ‘charity care’ which is really not truly pro-bono.. The aim is to reconnect with the foundational principles of medicine and bring back a sense of community care.

2. Challenge Non-Competes: Empowering Physicians to Serve Where Needed

With a decreasing number of physicians in private practice due to non-competes, Dr. Hochman believes that patients’ rights are being abridged – they are herded around in the hospital systems without their ability to follow their doctor when that doctor decides to leave their current employment. This creates hurdles for those willing to establish their own practices in the same community and/or move to areas prohibited by their contracts.

3. Empower Patients with Real Prices: A Prescription for Transparency

Dr. Hochman exposes the obscured pricing in healthcare, advocating for patients to have access to real prices for procedures. By offering transparent billing, patients can make informed choices, allocate funds wisely, and challenge the inflated prices perpetuated by the current insurance-centric model.

“Imagine a world where doctors were free to treat patients based purely on what the Doctor and Patient decide is best and patients got the care they wanted and deserved,” says Dr. Hochman. “Collectively, we would all have more access at less cost with better quality if we weren’t stuck in the current system.”

In a society where choices abound for housing, transportation, and recreation, Dr. Hochman calls for a similar revolution in healthcare choices. The prescription for a better future involves community demand, informed decision-making, and a collective push towards healthcare transparency.

South Carolina has taken a pioneering step in addressing these issues by eliminating CON regulations, becoming a leader in reclaiming the power of choice in healthcare. Dr. Hochman envisions a world where doctors can freely treat patients in the way they deserve, and patients receive the care they need without unnecessary financial and bureaucratic burdens.

Dr. Hochman encourages individuals to actively consider their family’s healthcare needs, proactively seek independent practices, question hospital bills, and advocate for alternatives and choices. He emphasizes that the power of choice in healthcare is a way to shift control over and manage healthcare expenses, similar to how individuals manage other aspects of their lives such as transportation, housing, food, recreation, and education.

“The one thing people have no control over is healthcare expenses. This is a way to shift this and take control over and manage the biggest challenge in the household budget,” says Dr. Hochman. “Give people control and access to the one thing that we all rely on, but currently have limited control over.”

For more information on Dr. Hochman, please visit his organization, IndeDocs.

Recognized by CNN, USA Today, and ABC, Dr. Marcelo Hochman is a surgeon, speaker, and advocate who provides thought-provoking, inspiring, and tangible solutions for fixing the broken healthcare system. His passion for educating individuals about the power of choice in healthcare is sure to leave a lasting impact, encouraging positive change and a collective shift towards a more empowered and informed approach to healthcare decisions.

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