Velo Thaya is an exceptional actor who was recently seen in a commercial alongside Priyanka Chopra.

Place of Birth

Velo Thaya, the talented actor was born on November 12th, 1991. He was born to a family in Toronto, Canada.

Passion for Dancing

Thaya had an appetency for dancing which started in University. Whenever he hears a song with a good beat, it sends him into a dancing frenzy. He has a natural rhythm. You can check out some of his personally choreographed dance videos on his YouTube channel under the name Velo Thaya.


In the film industry, along with your physical structure and facial features, your height has an immense impact on the roles you are able to play. Velo Thaya is 6’1 tall.

Thaya’s Progression of Acting as a Career

Thaya polished his acting skills by doing extensive training at multiple acting studios and continuously working on his improv from Second City. From there he participated in film festivals where short films – We Are Bloody …ires and Pizza for One were displayed.

The audiences were captivated by his performance. He magnificently showed emotional depth on such a high level that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. Once his work got noticed, he managed to attain roles in films such as Latter, Dealer, and A Scrambled Love which received outstanding reviews by audiences in Toronto as well as across Canada.

He also made an appearance in the 7th episode of the famous science fiction Canadian TV series Killjoys. He played the critical role of a soldier effortlessly.

How Does Thaya Spend His Free Time?

Velo Thaya spends his free time reading books, hiking, and playing a variety of sports, especially basketball and soccer. This is one of his favorite quotes:

“Entertain Life and Life Will Entertain You”

Thaya’s Contribution Towards His Work

Thaya is not just working to make his mark as an actor, he has interests behind the camera too. He helped co-produce some of the short films he acted in. He has plans of starting his own charity organization to help poor families enjoy and providing a better life.

Thaya’s Work in Commercials

Velo Thaya has appeared in numerous national and international commercials as well. His work in the commercials of Bud Light and Rogers Infinite was commendable.

·         Bud Light

Bud Light is an American style light lager beer. It started in 1982. The beer’s taste is crisp and clean. Velo Thaya happened to work in one of the Bud Light commercials that played during the Super Bowl.

Speaking of commercials, Bud Light has been making some hilarious advertisements. It has congregated many Super Bowl viewers with its ads during the game. It is one of the organizations that have a reputation for its exciting ads. Thaya was fortunate enough to appear as a critical role in one of the main Bud Light commercials.

·         Rogers Infinite

Rogers Infinite is one of the well-known companies in Canada that offers unlimited data plans without any coverage fee. They provide customers with unlimited data at reduced speed for simple browsing, using social media, video streaming, sending emails, and more. According to this plan, once a user has reached their max speed data that is included in their plan, they can use the unlimited data at a reduced speed.

Those who have Rogers Infinite packages do not have to worry about running out of data. They will not even have to pay overage charges on their bill. Each line that you add to your plan comes with its own data package,  and it can be shared across all lines included in the plan. No wonder Canadians love Rogers.

Velo Thaya got the opportunity to play an essential role as a groom in one of the commercials of Rogers Infinite. His good looks and talent landed him in this role.

Velo Thaya’s Role in Killjoys

Last but not least, Velo Thaya managed to get a role in the famous Canadian TV series Killjoys. He played the pivotal role of a soldier in episode 7 of season 5. This show is about 3 bounty hunters. The season finale of the show got a lot of admiration from the audience. They tied up stories from the past seasons in a profound way.

We hope Velo Thaya continues to stretch his acting chops with various roles so that the world gets to see more of his unexplainable talent.

Written By Langley Jones