“With Conceal Friendly, gun owners know before they go. A new mobile and web-based application, Conceal Friendly has compiled a database of businesses or other venues that are either ‘conceal friendly’ or ‘gun-free.’ By making this information available to gun owners nationwide with a simple search, gun owners now know when they can bring their self-defense weapons into a business or venue.”

Elgin, IL – Conceal Friendly, a new mobile and web-based application by TLT Defense LLC, is creating a safer environment for gun owners around the United States. Supporting an extensive database of business policies affecting retail establishments, movie theaters, restaurants, concert venues, and more, Conceal Friendly lets gun owners uncovering possible restrictions on concealed carry and know before they go. A must-have application for gun owners in 2020, Conceal Friendly is making waves for those looking to uphold their Second Amendment rights and carry their self-defense weapons into local businesses or venues.

Understanding the importance of safety, including the option to conceal carry within legal limits, Conceal Friendly provides much-needed clarity on restrictions in the world around us. Many gun owners understand the struggle of attending events or going to retail establishments, movie theaters, restaurants, or concert venues only to find themselves in a situation where their gun is not welcome. But with Conceal Friendly, users can easily search the name or address of any business or venue nearby to discover whether it welcomes concealed carry. A community of users, in real-time, will indicate if businesses or venues they visit regularly are conceal friendly or not using a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating system. As gun owners and businesses nationwide contribute to the growing database, gun owners will be empowered to make the best conceal carry decisions, together, every time!

“The safety of others is important to us,” remarked Todd Thiede, CEO of TLT Defense LLC and Conceal Friendly. “We make it easy for people to know about possible restrictions on concealed carry before they get there and learn the hard way, or accidentally create a situation which may be unsafe. Additionally, we have created a platform for businesses to share those policies with potential customers who may be concealed carrying. Together, everyone can make the best decisions.”

“Every contribution to the database is important to us,” added Todd Thiede. “Whether a business or venue is ‘conceal friendly’ or ‘gun-free,’ gun owners need to know about potential restrictions before they get there so they can make informed decisions. By making this possible, we are empowering gun owners with must-have information affecting what they do with their self-defense weapons in their daily lives.”

Additionally, use Conceal Friendly to support local businesses that support you and your legal right to carry a concealed self-defense weapon in their business or venue. Users that rate businesses as “conceal friendly” or “gun-free” will be entered into a drawing for prizes that include new holsters, ammunition guards, and so much more. 

Further, one person each month will win a one-year membership to USCCA Elite, USCCA’s top-tier member level, which has a $564 value. This membership comes complete with exclusive access to top-rated USCCA training resources, education materials, retail discount codes, and legal protection services. Download Conceal Friendly today or access the web-based version online, to get started marking the businesses you frequent every day to help all conceal carry holders know before they go.

To download Conceal Friendly to your Android device, please visit the Google Play Store here. To access the web-based application, click here. To learn more generally, please visit ConcealFriendly.com. Memberships are available for month-to-month for $0.99, or once a year for just $7.99 (saving of 33%). Sign-in has been made easy with seamless Google and Facebook integration.

Get this must-have application for gun owners today!

About Conceal Friendly

Conceal Friendly is a new mobile and web-based application by TLT Defense LLC. Creating a database of businesses, such as retail establishments, movie theaters, restaurants, or concert venues, that are ‘conceal friendly’ or ‘gun-free’ nationwide, Conceal Friendly lets gun owners know before they go and uphold their Second Amendment rights.

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