Jonathan Block Ascends to Co-CEO at BrainTap, Pioneers in Brainwave Optimization

NEW BERN, NC, October 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the realm where creativity meets technology, Jonathan Block has orchestrated a symphony of success. Block’s journey into BrainTap is not merely a corporate endeavor; it defines a lifetime dedicated to innovation and improving the human condition. As Co-CEO, alongside founder Dr. Patrick Porter, Mr. Block will help compose a new future for BrainTap — blending technological genius, human understanding, and an unwavering commitment to brain and body wellness.

With over four decades of experience in the music and entertainment industry, Mr. Block’s entrepreneurial influence spans far beyond record company walls. Major Music, Jonathan’s management company, served as a launching pad for numerous artists and producers who achieved global gold and platinum records. He is renowned for establishing worldwide fan bases for two iconic bands of the 90s, G. Love & Special Sauce and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Block also managed the careers of James Brown’s horn section and funk music legends, Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis; and subsequently, consulted Polygram Records on the multi-platinum selling James Brown, Box Set, “Star Time”.

Major Sound Studios, Block’s legendary recording studios based in both Los Angeles and New York City, became havens where musical harmonies were captured and hit songs were born. Major Hana Records, Mr. Block’s Hawaiian based record label, has released recordings of iconic Maui, Hawai’i artists including Kaleo Kaina and Uncle Boy Kanae. Over time, Block expanded his interests into music video, television and film production, using music as a tool to shape narratives and create immersive experiences.

Twenty years ago, driven by an insatiable curiosity to discern how much cell phones could impact society, Mr. Block ventured into the mobile ecosystem where he harnessed his ingenuity to revolutionize digital marketing and merchandising. His work has helped transform how people interact with information and one another. This was just the beginning of his journey towards innovation.

Ten years ago, Jonathan relocated to Silicon Valley to focus on startups that help improve lives and preserve our planet’s well-being. Early on in his Bay Area tenure, Mr. Block played an integral role in Meta’s 2016 acquisition of Eyegroove, a social platform offering content creators augmented reality lenses and filters to create new experiences, share and connect. The Eyegroove technology is currently being used by Facebook and Instagram’s three billion-strong user base.

Enter BrainTap Inc., the avant-garde firm committed to optimizing human potential through balanced brainwave states. BrainTap recognized Jonathan’s unparalleled expertise in entertainment, technology and startups. Moreover, Mr. Block brings a dynamic global lens through his work with India-based Venture Catalysts, and Colombia, South America based UpView Ventures, each among the largest and fastest growing accelerators in the world.

Further, in Block’s commitment to developing smarter, more effective cybersecurity solutions, having introduced revolutionary cyber security tools via his teams in Korea and Japan, BrainTap saw Mr. Block not only as a Board Member but also as their Co-CEO — a visionary leader capable of integrating digital health knowledge alongside AI advancements and meditation practices into BrainTap’s cutting-edge technologies.

“Jonathan Block is not just a leader, he is an innovator with a unique blend of expertise in entertainment, technology, and digital health. His arrival as Co-CEO marks an evolutionary step for BrainTap, as we synergize our cutting-edge brainwave optimization technology with his expansive global vision. Together, we’re not just scaling a business, we’re scaling a movement to transform brain health globally. I couldn’t be more excited and confident about the transformative journey ahead.” – Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. Founder and Co-CEO BrainTap.

With cybersecurity acumen bolstering their technological backbone, BrainTap is entrusting Jonathan to ensure data integrity while scaling their offerings. His deep understanding of digital health and meditation aligned seamlessly with BrainTap’s core mission. Furthermore, his expertise in archiving and monetization has opened up new avenues for revenue generation through premium content and strategic collaborations.

Mr. Block add’s, “BrainTap makes it both easy and enjoyable for anyone to make brain health a priority and grow new neural pathways. Once this happens, we begin to live elevated lives that can only be achieved through working the muscle that is our brain. Dr. Patrick Porter is a unique visionary in today’s global brain health landscape as well as an unparalleled keynote speaker. I am excited and honored to join him on his quest to better a billion brains. His technology is a planet changer — we use BrainTap daily in my family and our young children have benefited immensely.”

Together, Jonathan Block and BrainTap embark on a transformative journey that promises to reshape how we interact with our inner universe — the mind itself. This collaboration marks yet another chapter in the intricate saga of Jonathan Block — an ongoing tale characterized by ceaseless innovation driven by an unyielding passion for betterment.

About BrainTap:
BrainTap® is the leading brain fitness app platform. The company’s unique technology improves neuroplasticity through audio sessions led by renowned health and wellness experts across mental health, longevity, endurance, nutrition, and more. The BrainTap App features unparalleled brainwave entrainment technology combined with guided visualization. Users can upgrade their experience with the BrainTap Headset, which works in concert with the audio sessions. The headset provides auricular therapy and varied light frequencies that dose the eyes and ears with energy, promoting healing and overall well-being. This one-of-a-kind brain training experience helps users to think, sleep, and perform better anytime, anywhere. More than 7 million sessions have been played and BrainTap is trusted by over 2,600 healthcare professionals. BrainTap is available via monthly subscription and offers users more than 2,000 original audio sessions in 12 languages within its mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices. BrainTap has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fortune, Health, Inc., People, The Wall Street Journal and more.

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