What are flying evaluation board reviews, why do they happen, and what are the consequences for a military pilot?

ARLINGTON, VA, January 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you’re a serving pilot for the U.S. armed forces, you may find yourself facing disciplinary action or an FEB.

A Flying Evaluation Board (FEB) is a disciplinary hearing called by the Air Force or Army, where the competence of a serving pilot may be under review. An FEB is considered one of the most serious sanctions faced by a serving member of the military. As the pilot under review, you face the potential of “losing your wings,” which is the loss of your aviation qualifications. In the Navy, a similar hearing is called a Field Naval Aviator Evaluation Board (FNAEB).

Causes for an FEB
The United States Department of the Air Force states, “Aircrew members have an obligation to maintain professional standards, as well as obtain and maintain aircrew qualifications. Accordingly, qualification for aviation service is subject to review when an aircrew member’s conduct or duty performance becomes suspect.”

An FEB can be required when any of the following occurs:
• A question about your proficiency in flying
• A failure by you to meet training standards
• An allegation of lack of judgment
• An allegation of a violation of other aviation instructions and procedures
• Some aspect of your behavior potentially calls into question your competence as a pilot.

What Happens at an FEB
Should you find yourself facing an FEB, you’ll be provided with a written notification prior to the review, setting out the accusations against you. The board consists of various currently active members of the military, but the officer who made the accusation will not be allowed to attend. You are entitled to bring your own legal representation, something we highly recommend. At the FEB, you and your lawyer may:
• Review all evidence and documents to be submitted to the board
• Challenge voting members of the board
• Cross-examine the witnesses called by the board, call witnesses and present evidence
• Testify personally and submit a written brief.
If you are notified that you will be the subject of an FEB, we advise getting an experienced lawyer.

What Do the Outcomes of an FEB Mean?
There are two possible outcomes of an FEB; qualified and disqualified. These can have a significant effect on your military career. An adverse determination can affect both future promotions and assignments. In a worst-case scenario, an adverse determination can result in your discharge or separation.

About the Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens
Richard V. Stevens has extensive experience as defense counsel in military proceedings, both as a former military member and as a civilian. He states, “With my military background, I understand more than most the consequences of a negative determination from an FEB. My sole focus is supporting military personnel at their darkest hour through the scrutiny process.” With experience in FEB proceedings, his legal team will guide you through the process.

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