The Simplest, Most Actionable Leadership Framework on the Planet is Specifically Designed to Turn Even Novice Managers into Master Leaders in Any Field of Business

NEW YORK, NY, June 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Michael Sonbert, CEO of Rebel Culture, knows the key to success for any business is a strong corporate culture. But a simple, standard roadmap on how to achieve that was lacking. So he created one.

Most traditional leader frameworks are designed for leaders in the education field. Those that are designed for business leaders are either overly simplistic models that only list leadership qualities and omit action steps, are too vague and theoretical, or are exhaustive manuals that are exceedingly complex. The two-page, three-section Rebel Culture Framework changes the game completely, offering an easily digestible, step-by-step leadership framework that can be used by any organizational or team leader at any level to achieve success. There is no need to assess a company’s organizational culture type or values, as this framework is applicable to all types and values. The process builds, or builds on, a company’s current workplace culture by prioritizing systems first, followed by communication, and then coaching and accountability.

Michael has coached hundreds of leaders side-by-side over the past two decades, from school administrators in the most poverty-ridden neighborhoods in the country, to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. From his research, he knows what the teams with the strongest cultures, the most satisfied employees, and the best results do to achieve those outcomes, and he created his easily implemented framework from those actions.

“The Rebel Culture Framework is the secret weapon for any leader looking to maximize their team’s potential, create a more fulfilling workplace, and improve their results,” says Michael. “If you’re a leader who knows things need to be better for your team but you don’t know how or why, this is for you.”

The framework provides structure, guidance, and a common understanding of effective leadership. It supports leadership development; aligns leaders with organizational goals; and contributes to a supportive and cohesive culture, promoting a strong working relationship between manager and team members. It provides a common language, consistent standards, and clear expectations, all of which are essential for dealing with day-to-day tasks, as well as for driving overall organizational success.

The Rebel Culture Leadership Framework is currently available to download for free HERE. Michael is available for questions, framework demonstrations, and interviews by request.

Michael Sonbert is a bestselling author, speaker, performance coach, educator, endurance athlete, autism dad, and the founder and CEO of Skyrocket Education and Rebel Culture. He’s turned his passion for educational reform into a global call to action for educational and corporate leadership transformation. Michael has dedicated the past 20 years to coaching, partnering with, and researching leaders from public schools to Fortune 500 companies. He’s committed to helping business leaders grow thriving, impactful, purposeful organizations. His leadership philosophies are currently being taught in a graduate course at the University of Notre Dame’s leadership program. Clients include Google, Northwell Health Systems, and Paul Mitchell Schools. Currently living in New York with his wife and three children, he sits on the board of the Autism non-profit organization, Families for Inclusion.

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