The SmartAC is dedicated to transforming the HVAC ownership experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology to predict maintenance needs and prevent costly breakdowns.

EL PASO, TX, January 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Introduces Innovative Sensor-Based Platform to Revolutionize HVAC Maintenance

As the summer heat intensifies, unveils a groundbreaking system designed to predict HVAC maintenance needs and prevent costly breakdowns, ensuring peak efficiency for central air conditioning systems. The platform, a culmination of sensor technology and machine learning, aims to revolutionize the way homeowners manage their HVAC systems.

Jason, with the SoBellas team shares, “The core of this innovative system lies in a suite of three sensors seamlessly linked to a central hub, all connecting to users’ Wi-Fi networks.” These sensors meticulously collect data on HVAC performance, transmitting it to’s cloud-based servers for analysis against manufacturer specifications. The platform’s machine learning capabilities assess operational specs and track changes in performance over time, providing users with crucial insights.

According to Jason, “The app simplifies installation, tailoring it to vent locations and offering flexible options for sensor placement.” The Comfort sensor ensures proper heating or cooling by monitoring air temperature, while the Filter sensor tracks airflow, runtime, and air filter lifespan. Additionally, a Water sensor placed in the air conditioner’s drain pan identifies potential clogs or issues, addressing a significant factor in HVAC service calls.

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