Pioneering Sustainable Industrial Innovation in Central Utah

FILLMORE, UT, December 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wayne Mark Aston, Founder, Fund Manager and CEO of Invictus Sovereign, a visionary entrepreneur and investor, has recently secured a multi-million-dollar investment to kickstart the Valley Forge Impact Park (VFIP) in Fillmore, Utah. Covering a planned 307 acres along the I-15 corridor, this forward-thinking development is poised to become a benchmark for sustainable industrial innovation and play a pivotal role in Utah’s future as a hub for rural inland ports.

A Comprehensive Model for Sustainable Growth and Innovation

Under Aston’s guidance, VFIP transcends being merely an industrial park; it embodies a commitment to a sustainable future. The initiative strives to harmonize environmental stewardship with economic sustainability. VFIP prioritizes sustainable energy independence, with plans to supply excess clean energy to neighboring communities, thereby diminishing dependence on conventional energy sources and embracing renewable energy.

Economic Revitalization and Community Development

VFIP will likely generate many job opportunities in Central Utah, ranging from hundreds to thousands. This initiative will boost job growth and drive significant infrastructure development in the region. Key enhancements will include:

The construction of a new interchange.
Upgrades to existing roads.
The addition of a rail spur.
Setting New Benchmarks in Sustainability

This project is committed to reducing landfill mass, carbon emissions, and deforestation at scale. The focus is on transitioning away from toxic-treated wood products, with specific metrics and goals for sustainability.

Wayne Aston’s Personal Mission and Vision

Aston’s journey is deeply personal, driven by a mission to address veteran and teen suicide through opportunity and purpose. Under Aston’s leadership, VFIP and American Spec Industries will provide quality employment and specialized training for veterans and future workers and deliver on a commitment to support these groups.

Strategic Partnerships Enhancing the Project’s Scope

Partnerships with state entities like the Inland Port Authority, private businesses such as the anchor tenant, American Spec Industries, bolster VFIP’s development. These collaborations are crucial to the park’s success.

Prospects and Expansion Plans

The primary goal of VFIP and its expansions is to revolutionize waste management, energy production, and industrial practices, emphasizing environmental responsibility.

Innovative Investment Opportunities

In 2022, Aston co-founded Invictus Sovereign, a boutique investment firm focusing on environmental impact and renewable energy projects. The firm has launched two private placement offerings with a target of $500 Million, focusing on luxury resort development and ecological impact R&D.

Community and Environmental Benefits

VFIP features several vital facilities:

• Clean Tech Waste Conversion Plant

• Green Hydrogen Production Plant

• Geothermal Co-Gen Plant

• Negotiations for a major hyper-scaler data center

• Manufacturing plants for solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells

These facilities underscore VFIP’s commitment to renewable energy technologies and environmental restoration.

American Spec Industries is a clean-tech waste conversion company that produces critical national infrastructure products like railroad cross ties, utility poles, and marine pilings and foundations. ASI is committed to replacing old, toxic infrastructure elements with superior carbon-negative products.

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