Toronto, Canada, August 08, 2017 –(– Alphabet Communication ( assigns an email address to every physical address in the world, creating the world's first complete global communication network. The platform uses geocoding, making every address unique and hence cannot be duplicated.

Imagine if First Responders had the ability to email an area and contact occupants residing or working in the area of the disaster all based on emails of the addresses. AlphC, a unique communication platform permits this, opening vast opportunities that have yet to be explored. Alphabet Communication states their primary focus at this time will be emergency and crisis communication in the event of any large-scale disasters. With the degradation of the environment, this platform may one day save your life once implemented by first responders in your area.

In the event of an emergency, an alert is sent to all residents via email and text. Based on the response "I am safe," "I am away" or "I need help," rescue missions can be targeted, site specific and planned more effectively to the addresses. Based on the response the appropriate colors are reflected on a crisis map in real-time for First Responders. Red symbols would signify addresses that require immediate help.

Alerts are controlled by First Responders through a unique application providing live status updates from the addresses in critical need. User addresses are authenticated via cell phone number verification and thus an AlphC email is activated. Data is collected on the number of occupants at that address along with their age cohort (names are not collected for privacy protection). This information is then passed on to First Responders. All registered occupants would receive alerts. As all AlphC emails are geocoded they add a layer of transparency and security that does not exist with any current email creation.

While other companies are attempting similar applications, Shafin Valla the founder of AlphC finds they are limited in scope. "While social media companies like Facebook are offering a Safety Check, it only notifies friends on the network." This limited access will not aid in getting First Responders to those in need in an efficient way. Valla continues, "Blackberry AtHoc is also meant to help in emergency or crisis situations but it is only for large institutions. Thus not connecting the rest of the world and not serving the general population."

Alphabet Communication confirms their unique communication platform does not exist anywhere. Patent applications were filed in May 2017 by the Intellectual Property Law Firm Knobbe Martens. Social media and tech companies seek to connect the world via their platforms. “Our concept connects every address in the globe. This gives an unprecedented lifeline for First Responders to reach every address and resident in emergency situations,” states Valla.

Alphabet Communication systems provide:

– Actionable and crisis mapped information for situational awareness and more effective coordination of search and rescue operations that are site specific and targeted to the address.
– Ability to locate individuals needing assistance and prioritizes rescue operations based on resources and addresses of critical need.
– Real-time data and assessment of damage as conditions change and people are displaced.
– Effective management and recovery stage communication to the specific areas effected, addresses and residents.
– Ability to communicate with displaced citizens based on their address.
– Integration of multiple data sources from various government organizations and residents.
– Identification of individuals in need of specific care (i.e. elderly, medically challenged, special needs) to effectively manage evacuations.

AlphC believes this technology is imperative to keeping emergency response methods current and progressive globally. This will impact all crisis communication going forward. The company’s preference is having Licensing Agreements with the relevant authorities based on local regulation, knowledge and thus limiting barriers. “Our technology can be embedded into any emergency preparedness platform currently used,” according to Valla. “We have created a platform that will be the future for global crisis communication and emergency preparedness."

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