Through the power of song

WASHINGTON, OR, May 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Through Eleven Studios Recording Studios. Godology has been preaching the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the singles that they have created. The words of our Lord are all but clear in each of the songs that they have produced. The song “Died for my sins” states that the Lord Jesus Christ came down to sacrifice himself in order to save all his children and forgive the sins of those who believe in him. Whoever therefore believes in the Lord thy God is saved and all their sins are forgiven.

Another message in the single, “Died for my sins” is that heaven is a miracle and that God never fails and that all the people on the earth are sinners and they can’t save themselves unless they perceive that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins. This message means that whoever believes that the Lord Jesus came down and died on the cross for their sins are saved and their sins are forgiven.

The word of the Lord, thy God and the teachings of Jesus Christ are very strong within the singles that are produced by Godology. A third and final message in the single mentioned above is that in the eyes of any believer is that of a true believer, which means anyone can see who is the true believer by the look in their eyes.

As what was stated earlier was that Godology is spreading the words of the Lord, thy God through the power of their singles that they are producing. The messages within all the songs are all related to the words that the Lord has stated in the scriptures and all the teachings from the Lord Jesus Christ and what he has done for all the people of the earth, whether they chose to believe or not.

The word of our Lord, thy God is strong and is present in the daily lives whether people choose to believe or not. Godology here is presenting the word of thy God to millions every day through their songs.

On Saturday, June 17 2023 Godology has been invited to perform at Union Park, Chicago IL at the 2023 Won-Day Gospel Music Festival from 10:00 Am – 10:00 PM. Union Park where they will be performing is a municipal park which is in Chicago, Illinois which comprises 13.46 acres.

The word of thy God is strong and true, anyone who believes in the words that are from the scripture and teachings from the Lord Jesus Christ will have life everlasting. The songs from Godology will guide those who chose to believe to come into the Kingdom Of Heaven.

Godology is always in Eleven Studios preaching the word of thy God as they are messengers of thy God here on Earth. Godology are the true warriors of the Lord, thy God against the armies of Satan, with every listener they receive the army of thy God grows and weakest the armies Satan sends against them.

Through the power of song Godology is bringing all those around the world closer to the Lord, thy God.

“Feelin this,” Enda Knobel, Soundcloud

“Church rules,” RealCamChambers, Soundcloud

Godology is a new group all About God, Family Music which has influences that come from the word of The Lord God.

Godology is from Portland, OR, he is a hard worker, motivated, traverse the storm of life, testimony through Jesus. The music right now is hip-hop. Also is a singer/songwriter, but has also produced different styles of music for 15 years. Mostly hip-hop and a little dance music.

“I am not figuring out the direction that I would like to go with this Music Journey.”

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