First products released today help teach the “Pledge of Allegiance”

ALEXANDRIA, VA, March 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Inspired by becoming a grandmother and wanting to pass down universal lessons about America to future generations, Falling Waters, West Virginia resident Theresa Gordon today announced the launch of a new patriotic children’s book and toy company, Curly Girly Button Buddies. The company’s first products released today are a 12-inch plush toy called the Patriot Buddy and a companion toddler board book, “ABC America, Land that I Love” that helps teach children the “Pledge of Allegiance.” These items, available online starting today, will be offered separately or as part of the ABC America Patriot Plushie Gift Set.

“The inspiration for creating the Patriot Buddy and ‘ABC America’ really came from becoming a grandmother,” said Theresa Gordon. “Being a Nana is such a wonderful blessing. But when I wanted to read my grandchildren a toddler book about America and the flag, I couldn’t find one that I liked… so I wrote one. My hope is that these products help others who also want to share our country’s history with future generations in a fun, positive and interactive way.”

The 12-inch Patriot Buddy plush toy contains a voice module and recites the Pledge of Allegiance when you place his right hand on his heart and push. The companion book, “ABC America, Land that I Love” is a toddler board book featuring the new Patriot Buddy that includes patriotic songs, images and the “Pledge of Allegiance”. Each gift set also includes a handheld American flag.

Gordon currently has plans to release four additional books, nine new “buddies” and an app to expand engagement by including ways to share personal family recordings and travel memories.

The Patriot Package gift set costs $38.00 plus shipping and handling. The 12 inch Patriot Plushies sell for $28.99 plus shipping and handling and the 6×6 ABC America board books are $12.99 plus shipping and handling.

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“Button Buddies” are unique and educational children’s products with velcro hands and sit-down bottoms perfect for circle time, reading books and holding hands during playtime. They are designed to spur imagination, support development through storytelling, and make memories while sharing stories of America. Each “Button Buddy” can be quickly identified by their jellybean nose and colored belly button, which always matches their right foot.

“May the hand of a buddy always be near.”

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