The Pandemic has created a desperate need to reset the relationship with cannabis

CARMEL, CA, February 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The estimates for addiction to cannabis hover at approximately 8% but for many people, especially after the pandemic, it is more about regaining a relationship that does not feel out of balance. THC builds tolerance along a key pathway around anandamide, our “bliss” molecule. Anandamide is a powerful stress response buffer and with longer-term use of cannabis (THC), our natural production and function will decrease.

Understanding this tolerance effect is the first step but addressing the “withdrawal” when reducing or stopping use is critical for taking control of the relationship with cannabis. There are tools with NIH research around cannabis withdrawal, addiction, and moderation. Many of these tools revolve directly around:

– Our stress response system (which rests on anandamide function)
– Our brain’s “brake” pedal, GABA which can be reduced with longer-term THC use
– Our brain’s “gas” pedal, glutamate which is key to brain hyperexcitability
– Dopamine – the key “do that again” and reward pathway which needs “editing”

There’s fascinating research that speaks to the glutamate piece as a reason some people may be self-medicating with THC:

Anandamide is a big wet blanket for brain activity and this offsets glutamate which can cause repetitive thoughts and a “racing” brain (including anxiety)

The issue is that with longer use, glutamate actually gets ramped up which is why seizures can occur with stopping cannabis cold turkey (after longer-term use or with higher levels).

Some of the tools also address this glutamate hyperactivation but more importantly, there’s a look at how early trauma, infection, or stress (even in utero) can create all the stressed pathways for which THC might feel just right. Getting to the root of hyperactivation of brain inflammation, excitability, and stress drivers is critical and is covered as well.

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