Revolutionizing Document-Based Business Process Automation for Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy.

TORONTO, ON, June 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the availability of docAlpha 7.0, the newest release of their cutting-edge Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform. As a global leader in document-based business process automation, Artsyl Technologies leverages top-notch digital transformation technologies, artificial intelligence, and proprietary innovations to provide end-to-end automation, accelerating the availability of transactional data in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems while ensuring accuracy, validation, and approval.

“Version 7 represents our unwavering commitment to enhancing the docAlpha IPA platform, not only by introducing new features and capabilities but also by incorporating valuable feedback from our customers,” stated Artur Vassylyev, CEO of Artsyl Technologies. “We continuously invest in our platform to stay ahead in this rapidly expanding market, meeting the evolving needs of our users with the latest security protocols and user-friendly features,” he added.

docAlpha 7.0 focuses on user experience enhancements, simplifying document handling, batch management, business rule validation, and web-scanning. Additionally, architectural improvements such as centralized Identity Server and OAuth 2.0 authentication for docAlpha Server access and end point integrations have been incorporated into the platform.

Jeff Moore, Chief Sales Officer, highlighted the platform’s versatility, stating, “Our IPA platform’s customizable architecture enables businesses to tailor it to their specific environments and processing practices, making Artsyl the preferred choice for enterprises of all sizes. We understand that each company has unique financial data processing requirements. Version 7.0 strengthens these capabilities further. Moreover, with the option to deploy the platform in the cloud or on-premises, organizations gain greater flexibility in managing their business operations while reducing costs.”

Artsyl Technologies also offers ArtsylPay Payment Services for both receivables and payables, facilitating revenue generation and streamlining financial transactions.

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About Artsyl Technologies, Inc.

Artsyl Technologies, a leading publisher of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platforms, is dedicated to eliminating the inefficiencies of manual and error-prone processes. By harnessing the power of Digital Transformation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive AI, Machine Learning, IDC, OCR/ICR, BPM, and iPaaS, Artsyl’s solutions drive operational efficiency, improve cash management, and accelerate business velocity.

At the core of Artsyl’s offerings is their Intelligent Process Automation platform, which streamlines and automates complex business processes. Through this platform, Artsyl also provides pre-packaged Action Solutions tailored to specific processes like Invoice and Sales Order automation. These pre-configured solutions deliver process-specific intelligence, enabling efficient and cost-effective implementations.

ArtsylPay, their cutting-edge payment automation solution, seamlessly integrates with the Intelligent Process Automation platform. By automating payment processing, ArtsylPay enhances cash management and drives operational savings for businesses.

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