Psychic Power Blazes YouTube! Forget scripted psychic drama, Hosts Riz & Oriah, shaman power couple, ignite 3 Meta Mystic Podcasts on YouTube. Their mind-bending wisdom & charisma spark an online spiritual revolution!

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mystical Power Couple Blazing YouTube Trails: Forget staged reality TV, Riz & Oriah are the real deal, burning bright with psychic power and igniting YouTube with their Meta Mystic Podcasts. Riz Mirza, aka “Riz the Wiz,” and his wife Oriah Mirza, aka “Lady O,” are not your average couple. After years of servicing the public as shamans and hosting psychic events, they have gone digital! With their new Youtube shows Riz and Oriah captivated audiences with their mind-bending blend of psychic wisdom, metaphysical expertise, and infectious charisma together. Now, their dynamic trio of podcasts, Meta Mystic Podcasts, is taking YouTube by storm, sparking an online spiritual activation!

This duo isn’t just trending, they’re transforming the digital landscape with their unique blend of spirituality and entertainment. Here’s why Riz & Oriah are the most Groundbreaking psychic couple on the digital plane:

Psychic powerhouses: Riz, a master trance channel, taps into spirit guides, offering life-changing insights. Oriah, an intuitive empath and futurist, asks the supernatural questions we’re all dying to know and gives her experienced insights in this field. Together, they’re a spiritual supernova waiting to explode.

Content that crackles: Dive into new Youtube Show: ‘Psychic Couple Reacts’, where they dissect paranormal TV with hilarious banter and expert analysis.

Get your weekly dose of spiritual empowerment, psychic mediumship readings and more with ‘Live Psychic Sundays’, featuring live readings and audience interaction.

‘Midnight Madness Podcast’ takes you on a mystical midweek ride as Oriah’s questions unlock wisdom channeled by Riz through new Spirit Guides every week. Prepare for goosebumps and revelations!

Beyond the mic: Their impact reaches far beyond podcasts. Riz’s live channeling events, “Circle of Light,” have helped thousands, and their retreats to sacred sites are a global phenomenon. They’ve authored books, delivered inspiring talks, and even graced women’s leadership conferences.

Riz & Oriah~Their unique blend of entertainment and enlightenment is tailor-made for docuseries, reality shows, or even their own scripted series.

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Meta Mystic Podcasts are more than entertainment; they’re a journey to self-discovery. Join Riz & Oriah, unlock your inner mystic, and witness the future of entertainment!

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