Comedy Hypnotist Billy Zen Details Step By Step How A Stage Hypnosis Show Works

MOBILE, AL, April 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stage Hypnosis is a form of entertainment where a Performer / Hypnotist invites a group of volunteers onto a stage. Then, through a series of techniques the volunteers become hypnotized and very susceptible to suggestion. Well, how exactly does this all work you say? I’ll break it down as much as our attention spans will allow. A Stage Hypnosis show is broken down into a series of segments which actually begin when a person who is going to attend a show anticipates what may happen. Here is the exact way a show works.

1. Attendees show up for the show and there is already a feeling of anticipation. This is actually a very important part of a stage hypnosis show. If people just show up to an event and it’s sprung on them that a hypnotist will be performing it doesn’t have the same effect.

2. Intro: Announcer introduces the hypnotist and builds up his/her fantastic reputation.

3. Opener: Hypnotist enters stage and immediately starts to build rapport with the audience. This is done through humor or with an opening act of mentalism but usually both.

4. Lecture: This is actually a sales pitch to get volunteers on stage. This is where the hypnotist dispels commonly held misunderstandings about hypnosis. Also, this is where the benefits and the great experience that will be had is touted.

5. Volunteers: Once the volunteers are on stage the hypnotist will start to establish their authority. This is a point where the hypnotist starts to calibrate their subjects to see who stays and who will be asked to leave the stage. You see the hypnotist only wants the most focused and compliant for the remainder of the show.

6. Suggestibility Tests: Several tests are performed on the subjects to see who will best follow instructions. This is also where more volunteers will be asked to leave the stage narrowing it down to the best of the best.

7. Induction: The volunteers are led into a deep state of hypnosis referred to as a somnambulistic state.

8. Group Suggestions: Volunteers at first respond better to group suggestions (group think) where the hypnotist will start to single out those who will perform best during the individual suggestions.

9. Individual Suggestions: This is point that the hypnotist knows the person or people usual 1-3 who will perform nearly anything that is suggested to them. These are referred to the “Stars of the Show”.

10. Ending: Now the hypnotist must bring the volunteers out of hypnosis and bids farewell to the audience.

A typical show usually lasts an hour and 15 minutes.

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