Product authentication, tokenizing physical products, creating physical NFTs & linking physical assets with digital experiences through unclonable, verifiable & secure NFC tags now simplified with the Qliktag Custom NFC Encoder Device

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, June 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Qliktag, a phygital technology solution enabling brands & creators to create links between physical products & the digital world using unclonable, verifiable NFC tags, has announced the launch of the Qliktag Custom USB NFC Tag Encoder device along with the Qliktag NFC Tools downloadable software for Windows and MacOS devices designed to work with the hardware device and encode NFC tags to be used in conjunction with the Qliktag Platform.

Qliktag has received considerable interest in its solution in recent months among brands and creators that are looking to enhance their existing physical products for the new generation of digital-first consumers by tokenizing them and augmenting them with digital capabilities which can be activated through NFC chips embedded in the products. From unique products and collectibles paired with blockchain tokens that be traded as physical NFTs, physical artwork sold digitally, sports / music fan merchandise with digitally activated experiences & exclusive content to 3D printed collectibles shipped after being purchased as in-game NFTs within the digital realm, innovative brands and creators have been using the Qliktag solution to essentially link physical assets and the digital world.

To support these use cases, the digital links generated by the Qliktag Platform for these items have to be encoded into Type-4 NFC NXP NTAG 424 DNA printed electronic NFC tags. The process for encoding Type-4 NFC tags is complex, however, with existing software and requires a high level of technical expertise. The Qliktag Custom NFC Tag Encoder device with a USB connector and custom developed firmware was developed specifically for encoding these Type-4 NFC tags for use with Qliktag Platform and simplifies the entire process of encoding the links into the tags either for test purposes or at scale.

“We found encoding these Type-4 NFC tags can be challenging for many so we worked closely with hardware manufacturers, firmware and software developers to design and develop our own hardware and software to essentially make it simple for anyone to plug the device into a laptop, take the tags they purchased from us and start encoding them on their own without the complexities that usually come with writing these tags” says Dilip Daswani, Founder & CEO at Qliktag Software Inc.

“There have been some new features introduced within the Qliktag Platform where the secure links created for the items can be exported into a spreadsheet and downloaded with a single click. Those links can then be imported with a few clicks into the Qliktag NFC Tools software which comes with the NFC tag encoder device, queued and then sequentially be written to the tags as they come within range of the encoder device.” adds Neil Sequeira, Cofounder & Director of Product & Marketing at Qliktag.

The Qliktag Custom NFC Tag Reader & Writer Device will be available for order online through the Qliktag website starting at $199 as part of a Qliktag Starter Kit which includes 20 NXP NTAG 424 DNA Tags for testing, USB connector cable, Qliktag NFC Tools downloadable software for MacOS or Windows devices and detailed documentation.

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